Fat Loss Foods- Get the Facts About Raspberry Ketones

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Have you heard about raspberry ketones? There’s a lot of press and hype about the ability of ketones to improve weight loss efforts. But is all the hype true, and is it worth it to pop supplement pills every day to reap the benefits? The unique compounds found in raspberries are scientifically proven fat busters that actually help your body burn fat easier. It’s true that they have been shown to break down fat in all parts of the body so they’re great for all body types. But you don’t have to buy it by the bottle, just by just adding raspberries and the ketones they contain to your diet can help you burn fat.

Natural Ketones

Nobody is going to eat 90 lbs of raspberries, but here at SkinnyMs we know that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and that there’s no magic pill. We also know that taking fat-loss supplements are not only unhealthy but they also are basically a weight loss cheat. Developing healthy eating habits are most important when it comes to weight loss. So while raspberry ketones are a hot topic in today’s weight loss news, they are not recommended by SkinnyMs for long-term weight loss success. For lasting weight loss, we recommend eating smaller meals, consisting of whole foods, 5-6 times daily, while keeping portions about the size of your palm. Be sure to include a lean protein, complex carb and healthy fat with each meal. Keep in mind, this way of eating is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix as with fad diets.

Getting Fat-Loss Foods into Your Diet

Recent research has shown that the compounds in raspberries (raspberry ketones) can help reduce fat storage.(1) But eating enough raspberries to make a drastic difference is not realistic. However, there are lots of foods that have similar abilities. Other foods like green tea, grapefruit, lemon, oranges, cabbage, celery, carrots, apples, oatmeal and peppers can also help break down fat, and reduce the storage of adipose tissue. The trick is to keep these foods in your diet, and consume them regularly.

Raspberry Recipes

Want to get more raspberries into your diet? They taste delicious and are also a source of these fat-blasting compounds.

Add a handful of these tasty red berries to your cereal, top a salad, make your own raspberry vinaigrette or just eat them by the handful! Check out this site for other ideas on how to use raspberries in your diet, just steer clear of the deserts and stick to sauces, dips, and smoothies. Try these great SkinnyMs Smoothies too, and just add a handful of those red raspberries!

Leave us a comment below and share any great raspberry recipes you have, we’d love to try them.


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