9 Steps to Fat Loss Motivation

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How many times have you enthusiastically begun a fitness program or a diet on Monday morning, only to abandon it by Friday night? Getting motivated is easy, but staying motivated over a lifetime is a challenge.

Fad diets are tempting, but we’ve all discovered the hard way that they don’t produce long-term success. While you may lose weight at first, you need a long-term strategy to keep it off. These health and fitness motivational techniques will help you to clear major hurdles and will inspire you work toward your goals.

1. Set specific goals. Make certain your goals are inspiring–don’t settle for less than what you truly want. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, tone your muscles or get the body of your dreams, write down your goals.

2. Visualize the end result at least 3 times a day. Visualization is extraordinarily effective. See yourself as you want to look and feel. Practice this when you wake up, once during the day, and just before falling asleep. Remember, habits usually take around 30 days to take hold.

3. Talk to anyone who will listen about the importance of exercise and eating clean. Let others know how exercise and eating healthy is transforming your life for the better. We are more likely to hold ourselves accountable if we share our goals with others. Tell us on Skinny Ms. Fitness Facebook about your progress. We want to hear from you!

4. Plan fitness routines weekly. This is a biggie! Take 10 minutes to write down which exercises to include in your plan for the week. Without a plan, you’ll find that it’s very easy to get off track.

5. Prepare food the night before. This is especially important if you work outside the home. Cutting up fruits and veggies, putting nuts and raisins in a baggie, and making a healthy lunch the night before work ensures that you will be able to eat properly while at work. Saves money, too! Give up fast food.

6. Eat 5-6 times daily. Forget about 3 square meals per day. By eating 5-6 times daily, about every 3 hours, you will never be hungry, and won’t cave to cravings. Make sure you include a healthy fat, lean protein, and a whole-food (complex) carbohydrate with each snack and meal. Portions should be about the size of your palm.

7. Schedule the exact time of your workout and stick to it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself making excuses to procrastinate by finding other “more important” thing to do throughout your day. Keep in mind that being fit is empowering and will positively affect every aspect of your life. You’ll find lots of workouts at Skinnyms. com.

8. Treat yourself. For every milestone, be it losing five pounds or seeing toned abs, treat yourself to something special. What about a massage, facial, or new pair of shoes? Whatever you choose, it’s well deserved.

9) Try it on for size. Keep a pair of jeans around that you fit before you began to eat clean and workout, and try them on once per week. It’s exciting to see progress in the form of denim!

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  1. Great article but why is there an ad for Domino's on the right banner ? Is it or is this a bit weird right after you mention Fast Food Freedom ?

  2. The advice is right on, and it was good to see that I am doing it right, but couldn’t you find some real transformation pictures?? The picture attached to the article is nice, but is obviously photoshopped!! Nobody can place their hand so precisely the same every time, the hair never changes….. I cold go on, but there is no need. Please find a REAL woman to inspire us.

    1. Dimcqueen, We’re glad you found the article informative. Regarding the photo…it was meant merely to make a point, as it is obvious that it’s not ‘real’. We have had many real transformation photos on the site from time to time. As a matter of fact, there is one on the site today.

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