Superfoods Challenge

Try this superfood challenge and your life will be changed!

What’s a Superfood?

A superfood is a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being. Superfoods are those foods that give you “the most bang for your buck”.These foods are the most nutrient dense of all foods. These foods have been used throughout history to heal and rebalance the body. Food that will fuel and nourish your body in the best way possible.

So how does the challenge work? 

Superfoods Smoothie

-Include 12 super foods in your eating plan daily.

-Do our daily workout every day this month.

-Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day (this is tough for some people!)

We are asking you to include superfoods in your meal plan each day. Every day, no matter how you do it, you need to incorporate 12 super foods into your diet.

Get off to a great start each morning by preparing our Superfood Smoothie or by simply using superfoods in the meals you prepare. Here is a list of Superfoods here with superfood  options.

So what do you say? Are you up for this 30 day challenge?

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  1. I will take the challenge. I do not any fast food, but I want to not eat anything in a package. Well, besides dark chocolate. Can you tell me your favorite dark chocolate and the brand you like? Thanks!

  2. Wellll,I'm on a cruise from the 5-10. I know I will still eat pretty good because if I don't then I feel like crude. But when I'm back I am going to get on board with this!

  3. going on vacation in 10 days, just told my husband "we have 10 days so lets eat better and work out a bit more" then I seen your email, perfect timming!!

    Im in

  4. Totally up for the challenge, can't remember the last time I did fast food anyway! With all the crap in it, i might never eat it again–or try to avoid as much as possible! Just one question–do you have any dinner recipes with superfoods in them?

    1. Cindy, Most definitely! We'll be posting those recipes that contain super foods in February. Also, we're working to creating recipes that contain every one of the 50 super foods. We've got about 30 completed already. Be sure to check back later this week for a list of recipes.

  5. Sounds supper yummy! I always feel like I do not have the energy or time to do anything extra! Just goes to show I need to change my eating all the more:) Looking forward to trying this out:)

  6. I am new to skinny Ms. but I am totally up for both challenges, no fast food and super foods. Love your website!!!!

  7. I'm in. This will be easy for me, however. I am just reading about last month's "no sugar" challenge. That one would have been a bit tougher for me! I am excited about conscientiously planning super foods in my diet every day!

  8. Starting both challenges today…with diet & exercise i've lost 24 pounds, ready to mix it up with this! There's a ton of foods on the list that I eat regularly, the plan is to be more conscientious about it & try to work in some new things! Looking forward to the additional list of superfoods!

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