Further Evidence that Diet Soda May Impede Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Think twice about that artificially sweetened soda!

By Rebecca Palermo, Writer/Editor
Skinny Ms.

Several studies have revealed that diet sodas may have a negative effect on health. But a recent study is unpacking exactly why diet sodas may do the opposite of what they claim by causing a craving for sugary foods and potentially leading to weight gain and ill health effects.

The Huffington Post recently ran an article exploring this study, which essentially shows that when you ask a diet soda drinker to choose between sugar candy, sugar-free gum, and mineral water, she is 2.93 times more likely to choose the candy over other study participants who had not been drinking diet soda. As the article explains, the researchers believe that the diet soda drinkers drink the soda with the expectation that they will receive a sugary energy boost, and when they do not, they are more likely to crave sugar.

Diet soda doesn’t have a place in a clean eating lifestyle, and choosing items which contain natural, unrefined sugars is a healthier choice than reaching for the chemical-laden diet sodas many people swear by. For instance, a dessert comprised mainly of fruit, or a chocolate treat made with coconut sugar or another natural sweetener may satisfy you and stop cravings, and won’t pollute your body with questionable, artificial ingredients.

Source: The Huffington Post

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