How To Get Better Sleep At Night and Stay Asleep

Make every minute of your sleep count!

A large, and grave, problem that much of our society faces today is a lack of good sleep. What’s “good” sleep you ask? “Good” sleep is when you can completely shut down, power off, and clear your mind from any thoughts and just let your body rest. When everyone is constantly on the go, answering phone calls or replying to emails or even running the kids from one activity to another, the hustle and bustle never seems to end. Now more than ever, our bodies require good sleep in the middle of our hectic schedules. Here are some simple ways to get better sleep at night!

1. Eat early.

Eating your last bite of food at least 2 hours before you hit the hay will give your body enough time to digest. By making this little change, your body won’t have to work nearly as hard when you are trying to sleep and you may even rid yourself of any discomfort from over eating at night. If you can’t give yourself that much time between eating and sleeping, try to make your meal size smaller so that you don’t go to sleep full or bloated.

2. Put your phone away. 

Think about the last thing you do before going to sleep. Do you check your phone? Chances are you probably do. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, catching up on texts, or answering those last minute work emails, there are plenty things you could be doing on your phone. However, the trick is to not. Putting your phone away and giving yourself some down time prior to sleeping allows you to clear your mind.

3. Focus on your internal clock, not your external one. 

More often than not, we get distracted by how late we are staying up, how early we have to get up, or how much sleep we are getting. When in fact, these are all just numbers. These are numbers that mean little to nothing unless we do something to actively change our lifestyle to adapt to better numbers. Some ways to do this is to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, so that your body naturally falls into a pattern. Try to place your alarm clock out of your line of vision so that you do not feel compelled to constantly be checking the time.

4. Lights off, lights on!

This is a really simple, and potentially a common sense, tip, but it can often slip our minds. Make sure the light in your house matches the light outside. Try to keep your surroundings as natural as possible. For example, in the mornings, let light flood your room so that your body feels awake. At night, try to lower or even turn off your lights so that your body feels the need to go to sleep. This may even require you to power off your digital devices to avoid any middle of the night glows.

You may or may not have heard many of these tips before, but it’s really crucial to incorporate them into your life. Sleep is something that goes easily neglected, but our bodies and minds function better with it. Give these a shot and see how your sleep changes you! Let us know if you feel more well-rested and what tips you use in the comments down below!

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