How to Make a Successful Grocery Shopping Trip

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For many of us, shopping for groceries is nothing but stress. Deciding what and how much to buy can be overwhelming and downright frustrating, and sorting through aisles of unhealthy food options to find healthier choices isn’t an easy task. Believe it or not, there are ways to make your grocery shopping trip more successful. We’ve come up with some excellent tips to help you navigate the grocery store aisles with ease.

How to Make a Successful Grocery Shopping Trip:

Step One: Jot it down. Keep a notepad on or near the fridge to write down items you run out of or need for a new recipe. You can also try a wicked cool grocery app like Grocery IQ that allows you to manage your list from your smartphone.

Step Two: Check your pantry. We’ve all picked something up at the grocery store that we swear we ran out of, only to find that it was hiding in the back of the pantry all along. Taking a quick inventory of what you actually have on-hand before you go to the store will save you time, panic and dollars in the long run.

Step Three: Check specials and coupons. If you’re looking to save money on groceries, look at store specials before planning your meals for the week. You can also check your local newspaper or online coupon sites for printable and digital coupons.

Step Four: Eat before you shop. You’ve probably heard it said before, but it really is better to grocery shop on a full stomach. For anyone who loves to eat (which is pretty much all of us), grocery stores are a veritable temptation smorgasbord with their wonderful sights and smells. You are much less likely to grab the fatty and sugary foods if your hunger has been satisfied.

Step Five: Avoid temptation. Much like step four, the key is to do whatever you can to keep your head on straight. If walking anywhere near the bakery/gourmet cheese/candy aisles causes you trouble, steer clear of those places altogether.

Step Six: Pat yourself on the back! You did it! We all know the stress that can come with shopping for groceries, and we salute you! Now, on to your healthier lifestyle!

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