How-To Get More Water Into Your Diet

Use these tips to get the water your body needs.

Drink a gallon of water!

The recommended intake for water is about 9 cups a day for women, or 2.2 liters as indicated by the Institute of Medicine.(1) Your body uses water within every cell and it is essential to a variety of body processes. Lost through perspiration, breath and elimination organs, dehydration can actually sneak up on us especially during the summer months. Often times the body mistakes hunger for thirst and we can end up eating calories because our body tells us that we need sustenance, when really we are just dehydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps us feel full, reduces appetite and cravings, promotes overall health and vitality and can help you look younger but who wants to drink it?! Here’s a few tips on how to flavor water without adding calories, or consuming artificial ingredients found in other zero calorie, fruit flavored beverages.

Want low-calorie flavored water? Here are 7 ways to make naturally flavored water at home:

Freeze your flavor. Infusing fruit into your water via ice cubes is a great way to get flavor, without adding sugar or calories. Use a french press or strainer to eliminate tiny bits of fruit, seeds or matter from fresh herbs like mint. To make ‘em, just mix rinsed herbs, and fruit with water, pour into cubes, place in freezer and viola! New to herbs? Try parsley, mint and sweet basil.

A squeeze of citrus. Just a wedge of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit can add tons of flavor. Just be sure to keep fresh citrus fruits in the house all summer so drinking tons of water still tastes great, and only takes a second.

Sun tea. Place a few of your favorite fruit-flavored tea bags in glass jar in the sun during peak hours for naturally brewed tea that is steeped for intense flavor. Put the tea in the fridge and add to water for a little flavor, and tons of antioxidant protection.

Simmer some ginger. Place one whole ginger root in about 16 oz of water and bring to a boil for up to 10 minutes. Put the water into a resealable container and cool in the refrigerator to have on hand any time you want to add a little sweetness, and flavor to a bland glass of H20.

Slice ‘em up. Pre-sliced cucumbers contain hardly any calories, and are a refreshing way to flavor a blah glass of water. Mint goes well with cucumber, and citrus.

Greener pastures. Adding a sprig of lemongrass to a glass of water brings an invigorating flavor to a refreshing zero calorie beverage like water.

Frozen fruit. Freezing your fruit can add color and flavor to the most boring of beverages. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and citrus fruit can all be frozen and used to cool beverages, leaving behind the slightest hint of calorie-free flavor.

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