How to Use Mindful Movement to Stay Active Longterm

Avoid injury and burnout while progressing towards your health goals.

Find forms of exercise that feel good for you body and mind.

Tired of forcing your body to do workouts that just don’t feel good? Or are you low in motivation to work out? Maybe both? We have a tip that we think may be able to help you! Learn how to use mindful movement to stay active longterm. Mindful movement can help you avoid injuries and burnout, to stay on track to your health and fitness goals.

What is Mindful Movement?

Using How to Use Mindful Movement to Stay Active Longterm is a great way to avoid injury and burnout.

Mindful movement means doing physical activity that makes your body feel it’s best. This includes asking yourself what would feel best that day as well as finding forms of movement that bring you enjoyment. Sometimes it could mean going for a run, riding your bike, doing some stretching, or even taking a rest day. By listening to your body, you can avoid burnout, fatigue, and injuries while staying motivated to be consistently active.

It is important to note, however, that there’s a difference between listening to your body and making excuses. You must remember that reducing your movement and skipping workouts (when you don’t actually NEED to) only hurts you. If you physically need a break, by all means, take it. But keep in mind that if you’re struggling mentally, physical exercise is one of the greatest things you can do for your well-being!

Let Go of the All or Nothing Mindset

Working out doesn't have to be all or nothing. Any movement counts!

When we say “all or nothing” mindset, we mean believing that if you can’t do 100%, then there’s no point in doing anything at all. Often times that can lead to long periods of stagnation, low motivation, or burn out. Well, we’re here to remind you that even a 5-minute walk is better than nothing! When we let go of that all or nothing mindset, and instead listen to our bodies and do the type of movement that feels best for us that day, we can continue to get physical activity into our day, consistently over time. 

Consistency Is Key

Find a form of movement you enjoy to stay motivated.

You’ve probably heard it before, but here’s why consistency really is just so important for workouts. When we work out consistently, we are gradually building muscle while boosting our metabolism and happy hormones. Without consistency, those building blocks have to continue restarting from the beginning. So, instead of forcing five really difficult workouts per week for two weeks and then burning out, try to do a few moderate workouts per week at your own pace and level (that you enjoy!), so that you will keep on doing it and stay active in the longterm.

How Do I Know What Movement Works Best for Me?

Having trouble finding exercise you like? Try something you used to enjoy as a kid!

Think about types of movement that bring you joy. If you can’t think of anything right now, try to think back to your childhood! Did you like to dance? Jump rope? Swim? Or even hula hoop? Experiment with some of these old and maybe even new forms of exercise to find something that not only gets you moving, but makes you happy, too!

Try new workout classes, dancing, or even rock climbing! Go for a hike. Keep in mind that all levels and forms of movement count, as well, so even cleaning the house or walking around the mall is enough to get your steps in and reach your goals! Check out these 15 unique ways to increase your step count for some fun, new forms of exercise.

Want to try some yoga to destress? Check out these 7 yoga and stretching routines to keep you relaxed and stress free. Or, learn how to stack these mindful movements into your routine with this guide for habit stacking.

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