7 Yoga and Stretch Routines To Keep You Relaxed and Stress Free

Why stress? You're free at home to decompress whenever you need.

Yoga And Stretch Routines To Keep You Relaxed and Stress Free

Stress is on the rise. Whether it’s the political climate, health care, jobs, or climate change, stress levels are increasing in America. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2019 Stress in America report, there’s too much going on every day, causing too much worry. You can’t change or control the more significant issues, but by focusing on yourself and learning to adjust stress levels, you can improve your health, which can lead to a more active and positive outlook on life. Taking the time to pause during the day is essential for a stress-free life, and we’ve chosen these seven yoga and stretch routines to keep you relaxed and stress free.

Work is stressful. Deadlines, frustrating coworkers, and outside responsibilities can have quite the negative impact on your health. Often times, this eventually causes other areas of your life to be affected. Even if you’re working from home, all the distractions and feeling like you have to juggle more than usual can be just as frustrating. It is imperative that you take the time to slow down occasionally. Give yourself a pause every hour or so and just reconnect with yourself. You’re home, and you’re free.

Yoga And Stretch Routines To Keep You Relaxed and Stress Free

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Below are seven of our favorite stretches and yoga routines for managing stress. Whether you start your morning, take a mid-day break, or end your day with these routines, commit to at least one routine a day. If you’re new to stretching our yoga routines, pace yourself and give your body time to adjust. The goal is to limit your stress with yoga and stretches, not add on because you don’t feel confident about them the first day. Let it flow and find the flow that works for you.

You’ll need a yoga mat for these stretches. Having a yoga mat helps establish practice and focus. Once the mat is rolled out, you’ll know it’s time to cater to yourself.

1. Stretch it Out- Total Body Exercises for Increased Flexibility

stretch it out

Being flexible isn’t just for stronger running or exercising. Being flexible means you’re muscles are more relaxed and more comfortable to engage with life as it happens. These stretches for stress hit every muscle group to keep you limber and relaxed as you go through the day.

2. 7 Yoga Poses for Total Body Relaxation

7 Yoga Poses for Total Body Relaxation

Yoga is stretching with intent. The diverse and unique postures open up new ways to connect with your body. These seven yoga poses are my go-to’s for end-of-day decompressing when I need to get the stress away. Focus on your breathing and flow through the movements.

3. 9 Stretches to Feel Revitalized When You Wake Up

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After a long day and a night of not-so-great rest, you need some morning vigor to make the present-day better. Sometimes you get eight hours of sleep, and it just isn’t enough. Other times, you look at your day’s schedule and wonder where you’ll find the energy to get through. These nine stretches will help you transition into the day and fight off any morning stress that starts to show. How you start your day sets the tone for how you experience the rest it.

4. Chill Out and De-stress with this Yoga Routine for Beginners

Chill Out and De-stress with this Yoga Routine for Beginners

New to yoga and feel that it may be too much for you? This beginner’s yoga routine provides seven poses that mix the core components of yoga. You’ll relax, work on your balance, and focus on your breathing to get the best de-stress options available.

5. Top 5 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

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More yoga to help you refocus! These five poses require little to no effort on your part except for focusing on your breathing. Not all yoga poses require balance and lunges. These five poses offer you relaxation and a slow down to rest and de-stress. Be in the present.

6. Relax and De-stress with Yoga Class…You Deserve it!

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Who needs an hour lunch break when you work from home? Instead, try this 42-minute yoga class for midday stress relief. If you have a smart TV, you can even pull this up on Youtube on your television. Make some space, roll out your mat, and enjoy a guided journey of flow. Spend the last 18 minutes refueling with a delicious lunch and get ready to close out your day.

7. 11 Stretches Every Desk Worker Must Know

desk stretch

Sitting at your desk for long hours is draining, both mentally and physically. Not to mention, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to depression. But since you’re home, you’re not glued to your desk as you would be at the office, or have a supervisor breathing down your neck asking why you get up every hour. Get up, stretch, and move at your leisure.

Feel stress free and ready for a fitness challenge to enjoy from the comfort of your own home? Try our 30-Day Total Body Trim Down Home Workout Challenge.

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