LeBron James Goes Paleo and Instagrams Superfood Meals

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By Rebecca Palermo, Writer/Editor,

NBA forward and MVP LeBron James is slimming down as he prepares for the season ahead. And many are saying that his low-carb, superfood-packed diet looks a lot like the Paleo diet, which many SkinnyMs. readers are enthusiastic about.

According to Business Insider, James is cutting starches and refined carbohydrates, and is filling his plates with colorful ingredients like strawberries, mangoes, squash, and arugula. He has taken to Instagram to showcase the diet that already has him shedding pounds, posting colorful pics that suggest a diet high in lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not only talk about the diet plan that’s causing his weight loss, but following such a healthy plan with such positive energy. It looks as if James is relying heavily on superfoods in his diet, making every calorie count with lean meats, fish, and colorful fruits and veggies. It’s clear that the 6’8″ player isn’t feeling deprived. Instead, he’s indulging! Loading your plate with beautifully prepared nutritional powerhouses is a part of the SkinnyMs. philosophy. You don’t need to starve to be in shape. You need to eat,  eat, and eat some more, as long as the food you’re eating is clean, whole, and packed with nutrients. Check out James’ enticing plates of healthy meals for inspiration!

Source: Business Insider

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