Live, Love, Lose. 3 Emotional Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Being aware of your emotional self can help you lose weight.

The challenge of losing weight and keeping it off is not something that comes and goes. Creating healthy habits and maintaining a regular exercise program requires constant effort, dedication and support. Developing an obsession with the scale, experiencing guilt and falling into a a cycle of self abuse are common side effects of weight loss efforts. If you didn’t already notice how much your mood and emotions affect your weight, and weight loss here are 3 emotional habits that may be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals. Eliminate these emotional barricades to your weight loss success today!

Stop Obsessing Over the Scale. Weight is not just a number, and weight loss is only a part of developing a body composition that is not only healthy, but also flattering. It’s easy to let your heart and mind get in the way of a healthy balance especially when there is constant bombardment of temptations, images of tiny women in sexy swimsuits and an idea of beauty that feels unattainable at times. A healthy, strong and fit female body has a body mass index of between 18.5 and 25. Don’t be concerned about a number unless that number calculates your body fat percentage. A regular bathroom scale weighs fat, but it also weights muscle, which is denser than fat thus it weighs more. If you haven’t always noticed your number on the scale plummet on with a healthy diet and exercise plan it’s ok. Forget the scale and calculate your BMI here. Read more about BMI here.

Rid Yourself of Shame. Even professional athletes have diet “cheat” days where they can eat whatever they want without shame, or guilt. These two emotional triggers may actually be holding you back from the weight loss success you deserve. So many people break their diets because they are embarrassed that they didn’t lose enough weight, or haven’t been able to keep their hand out of the cookie jar. Whooey! At SkinnyMs. we know that it can be a challenge to change bad habits, and emotional issues often act as obstacles on the road to long-term weight loss success. And always remember, “Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.” To make up for a high-calorie day, try a fun workout to cheer things up!

Use Positive Self-Talk. “You can’t lose that much weight.” “What a failure, what a loser.” “You eat everything that makes you fat.” You are fat and ugly, you slob.” Does any of this sound familiar? If this is the voice in your head, you have to stop it. Self talk is a powerful tool in your weight loss and using it to stand in your own way is well… self defeating. Use positive talk to help change what repeats over and over to create healthier emotional self-talk. Appreciate that you are going through something difficult and that you need support from others, but most of all yourself. Get in your own corner and next time you overeat, or eat something “bad” and tell yourself, “it’s ok.” Call it a cheat meal, call it a cheat month if you get carried away but don’t turn on yourself with negative self-talk. In order to love yourself, you can’t allow anybody to talk to you that way. Replace degrading or abusive thoughts with “Dust yourself off” or “This will not stop me from accomplishing my goals” and make your next meal a healthier one. Go here to read about how even the shortest workout can help improve your mood!

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  1. what a great article! I experienced this very recently and I'm back on track – only positive thoughts here on out! 

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