10 Low-Carb Sandwich Recipes

You don't have to give up sandwiches just because you're following a low-carb diet!

I firmly believe that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods in order to stick with your new low-carb lifestyle. For example, I love sandwiches. They’re filling but light, and they usually don’t require a lot of time to prepare. I used to make them all the time, but I worried I couldn’t have them anymore if I was following a low-carb diet. After all, the main ingredient in a sandwich is usually bread, which is full of carbs! I was elated to discover that there are a ton of low-carb sandwich recipes out there.

The best thing about this list? All of the recipes are quick and easy to make and they taste absolutely incredible! They’ll also get you thinking about ways that you can make sandwiches work for your new diet plan. You can customize each recipe to fit your weight-loss plan’s specific needs. For example, if you can’t eat whole wheat pita on your plan, you can swap in the lettuce leaves method from another one of the recipes below. Feel free to play around with the ingredients and have some fun with these low-carb sandwich recipes!

1. Low-Carb Philly Cheesesteaks

With this recipe, you’ll get all the flavors of an iconic Philly Cheesesteak rolled into crunchy lettuce leaves instead of a bun or roll. It’s almost impossible to hate on a healthy sandwich that’s loaded with steak, melted cheese, and piled high with peppers and onions!

2. Open-Faced Mediterranean Lamb Burger

You’ll fall in love the flavors of spiced lamb served on a whole-wheat pita along with Greek yogurt sauce, cucumber, and pistachios. You could even make our cauliflower tortillas instead of the wheat pita for a slight variation!

3. Turkey Avocado Egg Wraps

My favorite low-carb sandwich recipes are super innovative and find creative ways to replace bread. In this recipe, Cooking Classy uses the egg itself as the wrap! It’s then filled with turkey, avocado, cheese, and tomatoes to make it high in protein and flavor, yet low in carbs.

4. Sweet Potato Tuna Melts

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen takes traditional tuna salad and turns it on its head by serving it on roasted sweet potatoes instead of a bun. If sweet potatoes are still too high in carbs for you, try substituting them with roasted portobello mushrooms.

5. Collard Wrap with Black Beans, Chicken, and Avocado

Collard green wraps are quickly gaining momentum in health circles. This southwestern collard wrap from Rachel Cooks envelopes chicken, black beans, red peppers, avocados, and more in a crunchy, satisfying, and colorful way.

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