What Is Matcha and Is It Worth Trying?

If you have ever heard of matcha, but never knew what it was, you've come to the right place!

You may have heard of matcha before at Starbucks or your local coffee shop in a famous drink known as the green tea latte or matcha latte. What you don’t know is that matcha is more than just a green powder that flavors and colors your drinks. It  is an antioxidant rich powder that is made from finely ground up green tea leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. This concentrate can be bought in most health food stores in the supplements section. So, why has this funky powder become all the rage recently?

Unlike brewed green tea, consuming matcha powder allows you to get the full health benefits of the leaves and not just the aromas and flavors. The list of benefits are quite extensive, but here are the important ones that will turn you into a matcha enthusiast.

1. An Abundance of Antioxidants 

It has more antioxidants than any other superfood and can help strengthen the body’s immune system against any chronic diseases. A class of antioxidant known as a catechin, which are a pretty rare find in foods, contains cancer-fighting properties that help counteract radiation.

2. Much Needed Metabolism Boost

Often times, with age, our metabolism slows down, so consuming foods that can help speed up the reactions in our body can make us feel more energized. No more drinking tons of green tea, because one cup of matcha-infused water is equal to 10 cups of brewed tea.

3. Soothes Your Soul

Ok. Maybe it doesn’t literally soothe your soul, but the warm and inviting taste of this concentrate relieves the body and mind from any tension. This can be great after a long hectic day at work.

4. The Never-Ending Battle With Cholesterol

If you are suffering from high cholesterol, here’s another reason to consume matcha. It tends to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, and you never have to worry about having too much matcha, because there is no such thing!

If you are as fascinated by this green powder as we are, but stumped on how to prepare it, try this recipe to make your very own matcha latte! It’s sure to make you a matcha regular.

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