No Time to Work Out: Desk Job Devastation

Use these tips to find ways to workout even if you work at a desk for 8 hours a day!

I am one of the many women in America who work a desk job, meaning I sit on my patoot 8+ hours a day. Over the years, my once flawless motivation to stay fit slowly diverted to excelling in my career, where being fit isn’t a prerequisite and eating healthy is an afterthought. Overcoming the confinements of a desk job is not the easiest task, but it will be highly rewarding when you do. Here are a few tips that I have discovered that truly helped me regain motivation while adding value and happiness to my life:

Find Friends at Work Who Eat Healthy and Enjoy Fitness
We all know the saying “We become the company we keep”, and nothing could be more true when you’re trying to be a healthier more beautiful you. I know the thought of raw veggies and salads makes you want to run and hide, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if those around you were eating healthier too?

Get Away from the Desk
I used to catch myself, more often than not, glued to my seat for hours at a time while working on a particular task. Staying at your desk or in front of your computer for extended periods of time can affect your eyesight, back/posture, energy level and overall physical well-being. To overcome this, I made a dedicated effort to walk away from my desk at least once each hour as well as walk one lap around my office building 3-4 times per day. What I found after doing this was that I felt more motivated at the end of the day to work out and my energy levels were much higher!

Join a Runner’s Group
Now I know what you’re thinking, “A run group? I haven’t run in years!”, “I’m not much of a runner”, “I’m not really in shape for all that!” Ladies, now is the time to put all those thoughts aside. There are women from all walks of life and every personal goal imaginable. Some women walk, some try to run, but at the end of the day everyone is there to support one another in achieving their personal goals. Through my run group, I developed a strong sense of accountability because the friends that I made in the group not only supported me, but needed my support as well.

Written by:  Ashley Ellis. Ashley is a young working woman who loves finding new ways to stay fit and healthy in her home of sunny Tampa, FL. Time is of the essence, so finding routines that take 30 minutes or less are her forte. She is constantly looking for opportunities to set new goals and achieve success, and thrives in helping others do the same.

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