Part-time Pets Good for Kids and Animals

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“Mom, can we get a dog?”

Does this sound familiar? Do you feel that your household isn’t ready for the commitment of owning a pet? Part-time pets, or pet sponsorships, are a wonderful option that’s gaining popularity among families. Now offered by many rescue groups, sponsorships allow you to “adopt” the animal of your choice, from dogs and cats to chickens and horses, and visit them on a regular basis. Part-time pet benefits include teaching your child about responsibility, and instilling a love of giving back.

Some rescue groups, like Sanctuary One in Jackson County, Oregon, take in abused and neglected animals that would otherwise have nowhere else to go. Unique animals like pigs and llamas are among their part-time pets available for sponsorships, with costs starting as low as $10 per month. The money helps out with essentials like food and medical services, and sponsors are invited to visit the sanctuary for hands-on visits with the animals they’ve helped.

Farm Sanctuary in Schuyler County, New York offers a similar program called ‘Adopt a Farm Animal’. Sponsors commit to making a monthly, quarterly, or yearly contribution in exchange for photos, updates, and private visits with their animal. Many local humane societies offer similar programs with cats and dogs.

A pet sponsorship makes a great gift for the animal loving child in your life. Not only will the money go to a worthwhile cause, but it’s a great chance to test the waters to find out if your family is ready for a pet of your own. Try establishing a regular schedule, like visiting the sanctuary every other weekend, to see if it sticks.

You can also encourage your child to save a portion of his or her allowance or gifted money to put toward her part-time pet. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience for her to see firsthand how she’s helping an animal in need, and a great way to experience the fun of a furry friend without the full-time commitment! Find sponsorship programs in your area by Googling “animal sponsorships + [your state]”.

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