Sizzling Hot Tips for Running in Winter

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4. Stick to cleared paths or fresh snow.

Nothing ruins your run faster than a bad fall. To reduce your risk of slipping, avoid ice and packed snow. Instead, stick to fresh snow or cleared paths, both of which provide more traction.

Nevertheless, even when you’re running on a seemingly clear path, there can be dangerous patches of ice. Keep a weary eye on the road and slow down your pace if you feel unsure about a path. Don’t be afraid to walk over areas that make you weary, even if you have to waddle through. (Nobody is going to judge.)

Running through cleared paths means you might need to change your summer route. Phone apps that use GPS to track your distance are great for new paths! They’ll let you know how long your run was, and sometimes even include elevation changes.

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5. Warm up before you head out.

When you step outside and get blasted with that first gust of icy air, your biggest instinct is probably to go right back inside. I don’t blame you. But if you’re warmed up and your body temperature is starting to rise, the outdoor air doesn’t feel so bad.

Instead of doing an outdoor warm up (or worse, doing no warm up at all), get started with a quick indoor workout. A round or two of this 5-Minute Weight Loss Circuit will help warm your muscles and loosen your joints.

6. Stay motivated.

One big problem with winter running is lack of motivation. But there are things you can do to keep your spirit up!

Plan a running date with some friends. The cold weather is sure to feel less miserable if you have good company. Additionally, if a friend is counting on you, you’re significantly less likely to bail on your run.

Another small thing you can do to keep your motivation up is crafting a good playlist. Music has a great impact on our mood, meaning a couple of pump up songs can have us running through the snow like it’s summer!

We’ve got plenty of playlist recommendations. Download your favorite songs and get running!

7. Remember that going on the treadmill doesn’t mean giving up.

Don’t feel like you’ve been beaten because you spent a couple of days on the treadmill. Many runners hate the treadmill because it can get so monotonous, but it does provide multiple advantages. It lets you control the incline, keeps you at a steady pace, and provides an often-needed respite from weather elements.

If the weather is simply too miserable to run outdoors, stick to the treadmill. You’ll avoid dangerous ice patches, eliminate the risk of hypothermia, and be more comfortable overall.

Interval workouts such as this HIIT The Treadmill routine are great for battling boredom. You should also check out these 3 Ways to Switch Up Your Treadmill Routine.

We hope these tips help you make the most out of your winter workouts! Running in winter shouldn’t be painful. As long as you have the right gear, stay safe, and take precautions, outdoor running can be a winter wonderland adventure!

If you have any other useful winter running tips, let us know in the comments below!


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