H.I.I.T the Treadmill

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The treadmill is the queen of fat burning machines. It can help you burn off the layers covering up your toned muscles, if used correctly! This H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) treadmill workout is going to push you to the max when it comes to your cardiovascular health. It’s not going to feel great the first time, or maybe even the second, but eventually it’s going to feel fantastic while you’re looking fantastic.

Including cardio in your weekly workout routine helps you burn fat while also keeping your heart healthy! Cardio has been proven to help keep your ticker healthy longer, lower blood pressure, and lower your “bad” cholesterol.

If you want the tight and toned body that comes from hard work on a treadmill and the dedication of a workout routine, then you also need to remember to eat clean as well! Check out articles like Top 25 Flat Belly Foods, 28 Low-Calorie Clean Eating Recipes, and especially our 7 Day Clean-Eating Menu! What you put into your body is going to help or hurt your progress in achieving what you want. 

Equipment Needed: a treadmill and water for hydration!

What to Do: Follow the instructions below that indicate incline, speed, and RPE. Not all treadmill machines are the same, so if you can’t keep up with the speed, just adjust it to match your RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Remember that RPE is a 1-10 scale of how difficult it is for you. Think of a 7 on your RPE scale as giving 70% of your maximal work.

H.I.I.T the Treadmill

Total Treadmill Time= 13.5 minutes

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