Sleep Deprived? 6 Coffee-less Ways to Get Through your Day

Kick that coffee addiction with these incredible substitutes!

When it comes to coffee, we’re bombarded with a boatload of mixed messages. From podcasts rattling off a laundry list of supposed health benefits to alarming articles delivering a handful of reasons to steer clear from the beverage, it’s hard to know what to believe these days! Harmless or not, nobody can deny coffee’s powerfully addictive quality. If you’re like many regular coffee drinkers, you might find yourself downing over 2 cups of the addictive beverage before your lunch hour even rolls around!

Whether you prefer a decadent hazelnut latte or that irresistibly aromatic dark roast, the caffeine in your morning cup of Joe categorizes coffee as a kind of drug. And like all drugs, caffeine comes with some extra baggage, or side effects, that can certainly compromise your energy levels, hormones, and overall health. Besides increasing your stress hormones and promoting inflammation, the caffeine in coffee can put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, while also posing digestive problems. At the same time, your body begins to rely entirely on the caffeinated beverage for power, as opposed to utilizing its own natural energy. And finally, as a diuretic, coffee can quickly dehydrate you and cause you to lose essential electrolytes.

Luckily, there are a bunch of safe, delicious alternatives out there that claim a worthier spot beneath the limelight. If you think getting through a sluggish day without coffee is impossible, think again! These 6 alternatives to coffee will boost your energy levels without compromising your health, and also deliver a host of nutrients and health benefits your body will thank you for. Read up!

1. Lemon Water

Downing a glass of lemon water after waking up is one of the best things you can do to jumpstart your system. A wonderful source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, lemons pack a bunch of vitamins into your morning beverage and deliver essential electrolytes to boost your immune system and flush out toxins. Unlike coffee, lemon water is super hydrating, and research shows it works to improve your skin while helping you feel more alert throughout the day!

If you’re already a regular lemon water drinker, shake things up with this delicious Morning Lemon & Mint Detox Water recipe!

2. Kombucha

5 Krazy-Good Kombuchas
Health experts and gurus have praised Kombucha for centuries for its powerful health benefits. Coined the “immortal health elixir,” Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from black tea and sugar. The fizzy drink offers a boatload of probiotics, enzymes, and good bacteria your gut will thank you for. Besides improving digestion and aiding with weight loss, kombucha is also known to boost your energy levels, so drink up!

Need recipe ideas? Rev up your morning engine with one of these 5 Krazy-Good Kombuchas!

3. Green Tea

3 Reasons Why Green Tea is a Superfood
If you’re having a difficult time giving up coffee because you love the energy boost it delivers, perhaps it’s time you hop on the green tea bandwagon. Green tea offers less caffeine than coffee, while carrying a host of powerful side-benefits your body will appreciate. Green tea will kick start your metabolism and improve your skin thanks to the abundance of antioxidants packed into each heartwarming cup. It can also help reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. Kick that coffee habit and go for a cup of tea!

Get the lowdown on this terrific tea. Check out 3 Reasons Why Green Tea is a Superfood.

4. Chai

3 Reasons Why Green Tea is a Superfood
Oftentimes, it’s the taste factor that makes it so difficult for coffee lovers to give up their beloved morning Joe. In that case, try substituting a tall chai tea or delicious chai latte for your usual coffee. With about as much caffeine as black tea, the savory spiced tea won’t give you those pesky coffee jitters. It also comes with a bunch of healing properties that make it a much healthier alternative. Best of all, chai offers a sweet, rich flavor your taste buds will go wild over!

For an extra special morning, treat yourself to this scrumptious Chai Orange Latte!

5. Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate
Made from the leaves and twigs from a tropical Argentinian plant, Yerba Mate delivers a non-jittery energizing effect many people prefer over coffee. With 20 vitamins and minerals and more antioxidants than green tea, the South American herbal beverage carries a boatload of health benefits that give you countless reasons to give up your morning coffee. Research shows the powerful tea can boost immunity, detoxify your blood and flush out toxins, battle fatigue, and give you a youthful glow. Sign us up!

6. Wheatgrass Juice

Sleep Deprived? 6 Coffee-less Ways to Get Through your Day
Although wheatgrass juice doesn’t have caffeine, its plentiful vitamin and mineral content is enough to give you that energizing pick-me-up. Packed with incredible nutrients like vitamin A, C, and E, silica, and iron, a shot of wheatgrass juice will do your bones and teeth a major favor while boosting your immune system. For extra detoxifying powers, zap your wheatgrass shot with ginger. Wake up to wheatgrass and feel amazingly refreshed all day long!

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