Want Radiant Skin? You Have to Read This

Shhh...Juicing is the secret!

If you’re looking for radiant skin, juicing may be the key!

Juicing’s biggest and best health advantage can be summed up in one word – cellular cleansing! Juicing cleanses our outsides better and faster than anything we could get at our local, neighborhood store. Juicing is easy on our digestive systems and gets into our systems quickly. So, when looking for great all natural way to healthy looking skin – look no further! Fresh squeezed vegetable juice is packed full of nutrients and has been said to aid in fighting off cancer and other skin diseases and illnesses. The best thing, besides beautiful radiant skin, is that juicing is great for the liver. Experts say there are over 700 known jobs of the liver and getting rid of toxins is one of them. Juicing pushes nutrients through to your bloodstream quicker and therefore into your liver quicker. The results – BEAUTIFUL, DEWY SKIN! Surprise, no need to rush out and buy a miracle product to get gorgeous skin this summer.

So, now that we know juicing is great for us, lets talk about what foods are great for juicing. Scott Ohlgren, a macrobiotic specialist, says basic vegetables such as “carrots, parsnips, cabbage, beets, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, burdock root,” are a great start. He adds bitter vegetables like “kale, collards, parsley, wheatgrass, lettuces, dandelion, watercress and whole fruits such as apples, lemons, limes, oranges, cranberries, and grapes are great, too.” Now that we know where to start, let’s look at where not to start.

Running to your closest grocer and buying gallons of orange juice, apple juice, and cranberry juice is not the answer. Manufacturers pack their juices full of sugar and even if you purchase “no sugar added” or “all natural” you are still buying juices that have been stored in a tank to deplete the “natural” fruits of all their oxygen; this process is called, “deareation,” which keeps the juice from spoiling up to a year. Now, what apple or lemon have you been able to store in your refrigerator for a year? By now we all know processed foods are full of sugar and other horrible ingredients, which can reek havoc on our skin and digestive systems.

Not only is buying concentrated juices or even “not from concentrate” juices from our local grocer bad for our skin, it’s horrible for our diets. Did you know an 8 oz glass of orange juice from the manufacturer has as much sugar in it as a snickers bar? And, a glass of apple juice has as much sugar as a 12 oz can of soda. That’s definitely not a healthy choice when counting calories or trying to get our beautiful and clear this summer.

A recent study has shown tomatoes and olive oil boosts pro-collagen, a molecule that aids skin in its firmness and keeps it radiant and youthful! So, if you need help this summer making your oily or acne proned skin beautiful and radiant for that perfect bikini or day at the beach, make sure to reach for a juicer instead of carton. Buying juices processed or loaded with sugar is not the answer. Visit your nearest whole foods market for natural fresh squeezed juices, or if you do not have access to a whole foods store think about purchasing your own juicer (via Amazon) to make your own miracle ingredients – fresh squeezed vegetables and fruits.





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  1. I have been juicing for 6 months now and my skin has done magical things. I have battled eczema since I was in elementary school. After juicing this long, it is basically all gone. You have no idea how awesome that is. I also suffer from Psoriasis on my head and with the combination of juicing and coconut oil, it has decreased immensely.

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