This Genius Hack Saves So Much Freezer Space

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While your Tupperware might work in your fridge, it’s not ideal for your freezer. If you’re anything like me, you keep everything in the ice box,—from peas to ice cream and meal prep meals. It can get a little crowded. Up your freezer organization game with this easy trick to save you so much space.

How to Save Space in the Freezer

You’ll need large resealable plastic bags. Toss the boxes and wrappings from any prepared foods ASAP. Transfer of foods to the plastic bag, then lay them out flat on a cookie sheet. Take a rolling pin (or wine bottle) and carefully squeeze the air out of the bag. Freeze until solid, then stack away. If you’re worried about leakage for yummy soups or stews, double up the bags to be on the safe side.

Pro tip: To avoid the guessing game when it comes to expired food, write the date on the outside of the bag using a permanent marker. Refer to this guide to know when to toss.

This hack will help out the smallest or the roomiest of freezers, and there’s way more that you can freeze than you probably realize.

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