8 Steps to a Fabulous Pregnancy Massage

Let’s face it. Pregnancy can be rough on the body. Pregnancy massages, also known as prenatal massages can help with some of the discomforts of pregnancy and can be beneficial on many levels for the mom to be. Before you run out to your local massage parlor, there are a few things you should know. First, be sure to speak with your doctor to make sure that a massage will be safe for you. If you get the green light, here are 8 Steps to ensure that you get a Fabulous Pregnancy Massage:


1. Getting comfortable
When you arrive for your massage, begin by getting as comfortable as possible. There are many styles of massage, but prenatal massage tends to be pretty specific. The important thing is to be sure you are entirely comfortable laying on the table. Your therapist should have plenty of pillows on hand to make that happen. In fact, any therapist who specializes in prenatal massage will most likely have special pillows designed for this type of body work. Never be afraid to ask for more pillows. Comfort is important for many reasons.

2. Check Out Your Massage Table
There are some therapists who use a massage table with a whole cut out in the middle to allow your belly to hang through. While the safety of these have not been studied at great length, it is generally a “love it or hate it” situation. If you hate it, and you will know almost immediately, do not proceed with the massage.

3. Take It All Off
It will be far easier for your therapist to give you a proper massage if you remove all clothing, even undergarments. But if you are uncomfortable with this, do not allow the therapist talk you in to it. Do whatever is most comfortable for you.

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To ensure that you and your baby are as safe as possible, always speak to your doctor before visiting a massage therapist.

4. Talk to Your Therapist
Many woman do not feel that a massage therapist has the right to know anything about them physically, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you do not share your medical issues with your therapist, real harm could occur to you and/or your baby. Never underestimate the importance of sharing medical problems with your therapist. Even if you only see them once, tell them everything.

5. Move About Safely
Be sure that there is a safe way to get on and off the table. The last thing you want to do is slip or fall off the table.

6. Oils and Lotions

For many women, their sense of smell is considerably enhanced when they are pregnant. If this sounds like you, do not be afraid to take your own body oil in for the therapist to use. However, do try to stay clear of bringing your own lotion. Massage lotions are specially formulated for extra “glide”. A normal hand or body lotion will not work, so stick to the oils if you bring your own.

7. Knowledge is Power

Never be afraid to ask in advance where your therapist received their prenatal massage training. Once you know, look it up. Be sure the organization that trained your therapist is credited and reputable. In most states, any therapist can do a prenatal massage whether they have this specific training or not. There is no additional training required. It is up to you to do your own research!

8. High-Risk Pregnancies
If you are a high risk pregnancy in any way, avoid massage completely.

Above all, be sure that you are comfortable in the environment and that you feel you can trust your therapist. Combined with a little fact checking, you should be more than able to enjoy a relaxing massage with a qualified professional.

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  1. Hi there, nice article. However as a pregnancy massage specialist of 10 years I would say that foot massage is completely safe in pregnancy. There are labour points on the feet but they would never make a baby come before they are ready. And if you did want to do an acupressure induction, you have to press very hard on the points for over a minute. This is never done when massaging the feet. Most pregnant women LOVE having their poor tired swollen feet massage and whether by a massage therapist or their partner, this is completely fine and same. Also massage is fine for high risk pregnancies as long as you seek out a specialist pregnancy massage therapist.

    1. Thank you so much for the information. I have actually removed the foot messaging. You are so right about the “poor tired swollen feet”. 🙂

  2. Pregnancy Massage Therapy can be learnt at home. During your pregnancy you will suffer many different aches and pains as your body changes to handle the new life growing within. The good news is that most of them can be solved using a natural method. Having pregnancy massage therapy can give relief from the majority of aches and pains you will have while pregnant.

  3. Pregnancy Massage is very helpful to both mom and new born health. In various terms pregnancy massage is very beneficial such as –

    1) Positively affects newborn health.

    2) Reduce Swelling (edema)

    4) Decrease symptoms of depression

    5) Better sleep

    6) Improve oxygenation of soft tissues & muscles.

    7) Relief muscles cramps,reduce pain, especially in the lower back, neck,hip, joint and legs.

  4. hi there im doing an assignment on pregnancy massage and have been trying to find something that explains what type of massage movements to do. are there any links I can use that you would recommend? id be very grateful!

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