Flattering Clothes for Different Body Types

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Every woman has their moment of fitting room distress. From too-tight bodices and too-long legs to dress that bag in some areas and stretch in others, shopping for the right clothes for your body can be a major challenge. But, once you identify your body type, embrace your shape, and learn how to dress it, shopping will become a breeze, and your clothes will make you feel confident rather than frustrated. Review our tips and start enjoying shopping for, and dressing, your gorgeous figure!

1. Identify your body type. Are you top heavy, with a bust at least three inches larger than your hips? You may have an Apple body type. Is your figure straight up and down, with your waist and hips the same size? You sound like a Rectangle. Are your hips larger than your bust, making you heavier on the bottom half of your body? Perhaps you’re a Pear. And if your bust and hips are a similar size, with a narrow waist in between, you may be an Hourglass.

2. Draw attention to your waist. Using belts, wraps, and dresses that draw attention to your waist will create an illusion on curves that many Rectangles covet. And Pears and Hourglasses will appreciate the way these elements accentuate their curves. Apple body types may want to avoid clothing and accessories that draw the eye to the waist, opting for tops that drape over their waists.

3. Elongate your legs. For every body type, elongating one’s legs is typically flattering. Apples, Pears, and Hourglasses may opt for flare leg jeans, with wedges or heels, to balance their proportions. Petite women or Rectangles may find that they look best in straight leg jeans or skinnies with heels. Matching your tights to your shoes or boots is another great way to lengthen your shape.

4. Shape your bust. Regardless of your body type, a professional bra fitting is a great way to provide the support, shape, and comfort you need from a bra. When you wear the right bra, your clothes will fit better and you’ll feel more confident. Lingerie boutiques offer free bra fittings, as do many Nordstrom locations.

5. Colors and Patterns. To downplay any areas you feel uncomfortable about, wear solid dark colors like dark purple, navy blue, and, of course, black. Wear bright colors and patterns on areas you’re comfortable showing off.

6. Be Comfortable. No one likes being stuck in an uncomfortable outfit all day long. Before purchasing clothes, make sure they fit properly and that you are comfortable wearing them. Practice walking in shoes before you buy them, sit down in a dress or skirt before taking it home, and make sure fabrics are high-quality, breathable, and aren’t irritating.

7. Be Confident. Above all else, the clothes you wear should make you feel confident. If you have doubts about an item, place it back on the rack. Choose clothing that makes you feel good about yourself and that you look forward to wearing.

Discover your body type and the right ways to it, and you’ll start to enjoy shopping, from the rack to the fitting room to the first time you wear that new, figure-flattering dress.

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