The Best Moves for Lean and Toned Arms

Target your muscles from new angles!

The best moves for lean and toned arms

Two of the most popular arm exercises are bicep curls and tricep extensions. These moves can be found in pretty much any upper body workout. Of course, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise as they are two very effective moves. That said, they’re not the only ones that work! The best moves for lean and toned arms include exercises that will attack your muscles from every angle. Doing so will make sure you end up with sleek, strong, and beautifully-toned arms!

The Forgotten Muscle Group

We put a lot of emphasis on biceps and triceps but tend to leave the forearms out in the cold, so to speak. While it’s true that bicep and tricep exercises will use your forearm muscles, it’s also important to include moves that will primarily target this functional muscle group. Why? Because the forearms help you bend your elbows, move your wrists, and even extend all the way down to finger movement. Think about all of the daily tasks you perform with these body parts! A lot, right?

The Best Moves for Lean and Toned Arms

This arm workout will leave you with beautifully toned arms!

For this arm workout, you’ll need at least one pair of medium-weight dumbbells, a timer, and a bench, chair, or sturdy coffee table. We highly recommend having a pair of moderately-heavy and heavy dumbbells available, if possible. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

Be sure to watch the instructional videos below, to ensure you’re using the proper form for each exercise!


Complete two rounds with little to no rest in-between.

Push-ups10 reps: This is a great way to wake up all of the muscles in your upper body!

Dumbbell Rows10 reps: Get those biceps primed and ready to work!

Arm Workout

Complete three rounds, resting for up to 30 seconds between each exercise. 

Bench Dips 10 reps: The primary muscle worked in this exercise is your triceps. However, this exercise will also hit your chest and the front of your shoulders. 

Standing Hammer Curl 10 reps: Hit your biceps from a different angle and work your forearms, too!

Alternating Isometric Biceps Hold with Curl  20 alternating reps with a 5-second hold: This exercise will challenge your entire biceps muscle by increasing strength and endurance.

Standing Arnold Press 10 reps: Yep, that Arnold! These shoulder presses will work your biceps and upper back. Since you’re doing them standing, they’ll also hit your core!

Single-Arm Overhead Triceps Extension 10 reps per arm:  Performing this exercise one arm at a time will allow you to really focus in on each tricep muscle!

Farmer’s Walk60 seconds (Use your heaviest dumbbells for this exercise): This is one of the best workouts you can do for your arms, but especially your forearms! Strengthening your forearms will make tasks like carrying grocery bags easier than ever.

Zottman Curl 10 reps: It is likely you’ve never done this biceps exercise before, but it needs to become a part of your regular routine. As you go through the movement, it will challenge every part of your bicep and your forearms, too!

Instructional Videos


Dumbbell Rows

Bench Dips

Standing Hammer Curl

Alternating Isometric Biceps Hold with Curl

Standing Arnold Press

Single-Arm Overhead Triceps Extension

Farmer’s Walk

Zottman Curl 

After you complete this routine, be sure to let us know how you feel in the comment section below! We’d also love to know what your favorite arm exercise is! 

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