The Feeling of Love

Could love be in the air?

When I think of love, I immediately think of matters of the heart. As humans, we all have the desire to feel loved. It’s important to connect with people for our own well being both on an emotional and physical level. I hear people in my practice expressing how difficult it is to find a special relationship or sustain the spark in their current partnership. “How do I know if this person is the right one?” or “why can’t I find my soul mate?” are just a couple of examples of what I often hear. I came across an interesting article by Judith Orloff, an intuitive psychiatrist and author. She states “we all have intuitive intelligence and we often miss seeing signs and messages in our daily life. These signs can give us clues as to whether we are on the right track about relationships”. Tapping into your intuition and recognizing what these clues are can help you to decide if the person you’re meeting is going to turn into a relationship or not. This works well not just when searching for a soul mate but when searching for friendships too. Healthy relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, and trusting what you’re “gut” is telling you can help guide your choices.

Here are five signs that can help you to use your intuition before venturing into a new relationship or deepening an existing one:

Perfect Timing

So an old crush you’ve recently been thinking about friends you on face book (who happens to be single!) or a song comes on the radio that reminds you of someone, and the phone rings and it’s the same person. This experience of perfect timing lets you know you’re in the flow of things. These are moments to pay attention to and can be signals that things are feeling right or can be a confirmation that a relationship may not be going as it should. You can decide how to pursue this feeling and uncover the hidden significance. Were you meant to rekindle an old romance or is that song on the radio telling you that you’re heading for an “Achy Breaky Heart”? This synchronicity is around us all the time and something to pay attention to.

Body Responses

You know when you sometimes feel goose bumps when meeting someone for the first time? Or you get a warm sensation in your stomach? Maybe the hair on the back of your neck stands up when you sense something creepy about someone or a strange vibe you can’t explain. You may feel energized, excited, or tense, and agitated. This is what is commonly known as a “gut reaction.” It’s your body’s response to what is going on around you. Pay attention to these feelings and learn how to recognize your body responses when meeting someone or considering a new relationship.

Something Familiar

Commonly known as déjà vu, this is the feeling you have when you meet someone for the first time but feel as though you’ve met before. It can occur upon a first encounter or when traveling to a new destination. This experience can energize a new relationship. Write down your thoughts and find out where it may lead you. Intriguing and significant, déjà vu can be a powerful affirmation on the path of doing what is right at that moment. Whether you’re moved to pursue a relationship or feeling tentative about one, don’t dismiss déjà vu as a crazy notion. Trust your instinct before proceeding.

A Knowing

This is when you have a sure feeling of knowing something. For example, you can be tuned in to an experience that is occurring right now but you’re in a different place. You’re not physically there, but you feel it happening at that very moment. You may think of a long lost friend and get an email in that instant. Or taking your usual route to work, you suddenly feel compelled to take a different road only to find out later that an accident occurred at the same time. The feeling as though you are on the same page as someone or “clicking,” is a common example. The more conscious you become of your whole body, the more you will be able to experience a “knowing.” You can become more mindful by practicing meditation or yoga on a regular basis. Being in tune with your body signals and slowing down to notice what your body is telling you can create a synchronized mind/body connection.


You suddenly see someone and sense a feeling of loneliness or anger. There is no reason for this feeling as this person may be friendly on the exterior. But for some reason you’re picking up a “vibe.” This skill of being sensitive to other people’s emotion is valuable when it comes to relationships. It can also be draining if you take on these emotions and moods. If you’re out on a date with a new person and you feel exhausted afterward (and it’s not because you’ve been out too late!), you may want to think first before moving forward with this person. Learning to understand what these vibes mean and discerning the difference can be helpful. On the other hand, empathetic communication can deepen and enhance relationships by having an understanding for your partner’s feelings.


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