The Mediterranean Diet and Its Focus on What, How, and Where to Eat

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The Mediterranean diet has long been considered a model of clean eating, reducing cholesterol levels, risk of diabetes, and increasing longevity. With its focus on clean, whole ingredients, most of which are native to the Mediterranean region including Greece, Italy, southern Spain, and North Africa, the Mediterranean diet is truly a way of life.

This is the key point in a recent Globe and Mail article, which states that the Mediterranean isn’t just about what to eat, but where to eat it and how to approach eating in general. The diet focuses on regional vegetables, incorporating them into each and every dish, and lean protein, often in the form of seafood. Carbohydrates have their place as well, but their effects on blood sugar and energy are moderated by the fiber and protein in the vegetables and meats in every dish. But beyond the actual ingredients lies a deeper philosophy, focused on setting aside ample time for eating, sitting down for meals, enjoying them with family, and considering food not as fuel, but as a celebration and a tradition that brings families and friends together.

As you may have noticed, at SkinnyMs., we like to eat! We’ll never tell you to deprive yourself or take the joy out of cooking and eating. Our recipes are focused on quality ingredients that are good for the body, prepared in ways that will delight you and the loved ones you gather with to dine. While we think that the Mediterranean diet is one terrific approach to eating out of many, we do agree that savoring your food and looking at food not as the enemy, but as an opportunity to nourish your body and mind, you’ll develop a healthier attitude toward healthy foods that will allow you to make healthy eating a long-term lifestyle rather than a short-term diet.

Source: The Globe and Mail

3 Comments on "The Mediterranean Diet and Its Focus on What, How, and Where to Eat"

  1. robandmelissaflintrobflint22  September 14, 2014

    I like diets like this ! balanced and pretty easy to stay on. Im doing the ethosien diet and its very similar i guess. I have lost 30 lbs doing it and its been really easy, cos i feel im not depriving my self of anything.

    • Janice  April 3, 2015

      i tried googling the ethosien diet plan so i could follow it and know what foods are on it and i cant find anything?

      • SkinnyMs  April 7, 2015

        Janice, You can also google Mediterranean Diet.


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