The Nut and Fat Loss Connection

Weight loss is one of the most common goals among Americans. This is no wonder considering the staggering prevalence of obesity in this nation’s adults and the frightening rate at which children are developing obesity. Because of this, though, many people are in constant search for the snacks and drinks that will help them melt fat while still staying satisfied. There are many companies out there touting their variety of engineered diet snacks aimed at helping you lose fat. Fortunately, snacking on something delicious and fulfilling that can still help you lose fat and shed weight is much simpler than that.

Nutritional studies are showing that making nuts a regular part of your diet is a fantastic way to help you shed fat, and actually keep it off. The fat burning power behind this yummy snack is actually thanks to its unique nutritional makeup that provides you benefit from several angles.


Protein is a fat burning super-nutrient. If you are really serious about losing fat, you need to boost the protein content of your diet. Not only does protein help to fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer, but it supports the development and maintenance of lean muscle tissue. This lean muscle tissue helps to pump up your body’s fat-burning process by requiring more calories to thrive than other tissues. Some doctors also believe that high-protein foods help the body to produce hormones that encourage it to hold on to muscle and burn fat during times of caloric restriction rather than your body resorting to hanging on to the fat in an effort to preserve itself.


The virtues of fiber cannot be emphasized enough. Not only does fiber help you feel physically fuller longer, but it also promotes healthy digestion. This takes away that sluggish feeling, giving you more energy so you are more motivated to work out. Healthy digestion is also great for ridding your body of toxins that can cause it to cling to fat.


It seems counterproductive to focus on the importance of fat in a food when focusing on a snack that will help you shed the pounds, but fat is actually a very important nutrient. Fat is vital to proper digestion, and the majority of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to function are fat-soluble, meaning that they need fat in order to be absorbed properly. Eating the right amount of fat is also important for feelings of satiety and producing high quality, lasting energy.


Though “low carb” has become somewhat of a catchphrase in the world of diet and weight loss, there is merit to the idea of keeping carbohydrates to a minimum. Though carbs are essential to your body’s function, the amount that you need is a fraction of what most people consume. Nuts have very little carbs, making them an ideal snack for a low-carb diet.

Calorie Density

Many people don’t realize how big a role eating enough plays in achieving weight loss and maintaining it for any significant amount of time. Producing truly effective fat loss in your body requires that you provide it with enough calories to function so that it won’t think that it is starving and start hording fat stores. An ounce of nuts during the day is a quick and easy way for you to give your body a boost of calories so that your metabolism remains at its peak. These calories can then be easily burned off with only 15 to 30 minutes of exercise.






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