The Secret is Out About the Health Benefits of Chili Peppers!

Spice up your recipes with chills!

They’re found in your favorite curries and Asian noodle and rice bowl dishes. You can’t make a spicy Mexican dish without them. And they’ve found their way into many traditional American recipes as well. The chili pepper comes in many varieties found all over the globe, and it’s quickly becoming an essential in many of our kitchens.

The Chicago Tribune recently touted the many benefits of the chili pepper, with some interesting facts on the origins of the pepper, and the best ways of storing it. A nightshade, there are several varieties of chili peppers out there, and each type is suitable for different types of dishes. And as the Tribune notes, while chili peppers are delicious when used fresh, you can also store dried chili peppers to have on hand the next time you make a curry, an enchilada, or…a pot of chili!

But what really caught my eye in this article on the beloved chili is the mention of the health benefits of capsaicin. Avid Skinny Ms. readers know about the many benefits of this component of chili peppers, but if you’re only reading about capsaicin now, keep in mind that it eases arthritis pain and headaches. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, fighting the free radicals that contribute to aging and degenerative diseases. It can also keep your cravings at bay, helping with your weight loss goals. Looking for a great way to use chills in your cooking this fall? Try our Slow Cooker Chicken Chili! With chili powder and cayenne pepper, two capsaicin-rich spices, it’s a healthy powerhouse. For extra heat, add some dried ancho chills to the mix!

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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