The Weaker Sex? How to Lift Heavy and See Results

Push yourself and lift weights!

There were a lot of questions surrounding my last post. So I wanted to do a follow-up explaining what I meant by ‘lifting heavy’. One of the most common things I find that women do when lifting weights is revert to being the weaker sex. I can say that because I used to be one of those women.

So here are a few different styles of approaching weights. The two that I use most are the 6-8 rep range and the 12-15 rep range. For the 6-8 rep range, you should be using a weight that, after 8 reps, you shouldn’t be able to perform more than 1-2 more reps with. Usually this is around 75% of your maximum amount (the weight you could only do one rep with).

The 12-15 range is more of a cardio burn that you are going for. This is good to throw in once and a while to keep your muscles guessing and keep that metabolism going. Again, you would want to use a weight that you can only do 15 reps with, no more. You should be sweating buckets after all your workouts, but this one in particular.

I would suggest you do this last style only after you have quite a bit of experience under your belt. I am really enjoying this Power Lifting style of training. The premise here is working your way up to a weight that you can perform only 1-3 reps. I have been working with Barry Antoniow, Pro Bench gold medalist at this year’s Olympia. He has taught me so much about this type of training and about Power Lifting in general.

Now, you have to be really honest with yourselves here ladies, no one else can do this for you. Working out is work. You get out what you put in, so push yourself!

Written by Renae Witzaney who is also the fitness model in this article. For motivation and workout tips be sure to ‘like’ Renae’s facebook page. 

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