Try these Top 10 Ways to Shred Fat Faster

Lose weight faster and avoid plateaus!

The dreaded plateau! Sometimes, regardless of how well you started, your weight loss progress stalls. It slows down to a crawling pace or, worse, stops all together. If you’ve hit one of these dreaded plateaus, try these top 10 ways to shred fat faster. They’ll kick your body back into gear and help you identify what’s halting your progress!

Not all these tips will work for everyone, so read through the article to find the ones that best fit your fat loss style. And don’t forget that lasting weight loss is all about long term commitment. To lose weight faster, stay motivated and give 100%!

1. Gradually reduce your calories.

People have devoted countless studies to figuring out the best weight loss diet. Whether vegetarianism helps you shed pounds, or if cutting carbs is the solution. Opinions in the fitness community are mixed. The effectiveness of a diet can vary from one person to another.

However, there is one rule that applies to everyone: if you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight, and if you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight.

One effective way to lose weight without slowing your metabolism is to gradually reduce the number of calories you consume. Every week cut out a hundred calories until you find a diet that works for you and sustains you at a healthy weight.

We’ll go over some more dietary guidelines for weight loss in a moment, but first check out these 30 Delicious Low-Calorie Dinners and these 29 Weight Loss Snacks for some low-calorie meal ideas.

2. Strength train multiple times per week.

Too many women focus on cardio when they want to lose weight. Cardio is important, but skipping strength training can slow your progress and lead to plateaus.

Strength training creates new muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fatty tissue, which means that building muscle boosts your metabolism. You can burn several hundred extra calories per day just by putting on muscle!

This is why olympic athletes are known for eating enormous amounts of food. When you have that much muscle, you need a ridiculous amount of calories just to maintain your form! Read more about amazing Olympic Diets.

More muscle mass means you’ll burn more calories even when you’re just sitting on your couch! Learn more about the importance of weight lifting with these 5 Ways Weight Lifting is Essential to Your Health.

3. Choose heavier weights.

The main mistake women make while strength training is choosing the lightest dumbbells available. If your dumbbells are too light, you might not be seeing the results you want. You’re not challenging your muscles enough, which means growth is limited.

Instead of doing twenty shoulder presses with a 10-pound dumbbell, try doing 8-10 reps with 15 pounds. This is a more effective way to strengthen muscle.

4. Target muscle groups you usually forget.

Another common mistake with strength training is always doing moves to target the same muscles. For example, you might be doing a lot of tricep exercises, but skipping biceps in fear of looking bulky. Or you might work on your thighs but forget about the calves.

To get the most out of strength training, it’s important to work all of your muscles. This helps you developed even, balanced strength and it prevents overtaxing particular muscles. Routines like this 6-Minute Arm Toning Workout target multiple muscles. Vary your workouts from one week to another to pool from different routines.

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