Top 15 Pandora Stations to Energize Your Next Workout

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What’s a workout without the right music? Like food and water, music serves as fuel to jumpstart your energy levels and help shape a stronger, sexier you. A bomb playlist will influence your emotions, actions, and thoughts, and inspire you to push yourself through one more set, or run that extra mile!

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve gone to great lengths to gather the most stimulating stations to power through that sweat sesh. Pandora, a free personalized internet radio, allows you to choose a music station and hear that music along with music from similar artists.

Fire up your fitness regime with these killer playlists guaranteed to carry you through any workout and help you finish strong. This carefully compiled list delivers something for everyone, from country fitness to EDM. So what are you waiting for? Makeover your music library with these foolproof Pandora collections, and blast through your next workout with energy, determination, and motivation!

1. Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout – Pop music makes us want to dance while hip-hop gives us a feeling of being better than before. This station is the perfect way to take your workouts to the next level.

2. Classic Rock Power Workout – Classic rock reminds us of a time where being young was all about rebellion and energy. From Queen to AC/DC, rock your workout with this high energy station.

3. Dance Pop – Dance and pop music are great at helping you go the distance. Fun and fast beats with soothing lyrics to make you feel euphoric.

4. Today’s Hip Hop and Pop Hits – Being up to date with new music makes every workout feel brand new. Use this station to bring a new breath of fresh air any day of the week.

5. 80s Cardio – The 80’s were all about leg warmers, headbands and sweating it all out. Use this cardio station whenever you hit the treadmill, stair climber or do some spinning.

6. Old School Rap – The classics rarely let us down. Old school rap had a different feel and meaning. This station gives you raw music, full of energy and passion.

7. One Hit Wonder Party – One hit wonders are songs we forget regularly, but once they come on a sea of fun memories floods our mind. This station brings up some of your favorite one hit masterpieces that will revitalize every workout with a second wind.

8. Pop Latino – Music bridges gaps and whether a song comes on with lyrics you don’t understand, the beat is guaranteed to keep you moving from song to song.

9. Dancehall Radio – Dabcehall music is reggae at it’s fun, upbeat and high energy phase. Dancehall is designed to make you dance and feel full of energy from when the party starts til when it ends.

10. Summer Hits of the 2000s – Summertime music always brings us back to long sunny days, full of energy, sun and good times. This station combines all of this with it’s nostalgic and upbeat music.

11. EDM Hits – EDM is all about non-stop partying. Transform that energy into your workout and you’ll never miss a beat.

12. Pop Fitness – Pop fitness offers high energy beats, great vocals and alluring choruses to put you in a permanent zone once you press play.

13. Country Fitness – Few people would mix country with a workout, but with the right songs, this station combines the two for a perfect soundtrack to  work through.

14. Graduation Party – Even if it’s been awhile since you graduated, think about the energy surround those last days. This station provides songs to keep you in the mood to always celebrate your workouts.

15. Funk – Funk music just makes you feel good, no question about it. Soulful music mixed with heart racing vocals makes this one of our favorite stations to listen to.

Before you choose a station, get a workout that will work for you. Our Beginner’s Running Program takes you from casual walking to running a half marathon. Not only that, but you’ll work your entire body and watch your health change dramatically!

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