Top 5 Spotify Stations for Workouts

Queue up a Spotify playlist for a powerful workout!

Workout playlists are the latest way to get motivated and get moving while at the gym, out for a run, or lifting at home. Spotify is a music streaming service with one of the largest music libraries available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The company offers free use with advertisements, as well as free trials and paid subscriptions that offer higher sound quality, unlimited access, and no pesky ads.

Spotify allows you to create, play, and share playlists that suit your needs. Since workout playlists are increasingly popular, a quick search on Spotify should help you to find the perfect playlist to pump you up for cardio and to encourage you along through endurance training! Check out our favorite playlists and pop in those earbuds!

1. Soul Cycle includes chart busters that will stick in your head as well as older artists for a perfect balance. The high energy mix is perfect for spinning or intense cardio sessions.

2. Spin: Zest Magazine will keep you on pace during a long run or cycling session. The pulse of the music won’t allow you to slow down. Turn this baby on and you’ll be pushed by the music.

3. Men Singing in Tight Pants isn’t exactly a workout track – it’s more of a dance compilation. But who says you can’t dance your butt off? This is the perfect track list to share for a modern music Zumba class or to get your energy up during a motivational workout party with your girls.

4. Briohny Smyth Yoga Playlist by Q for Equinox was designed for yogis, pulling melodies from famous performers, including Lady Gaga and J.Lo, but infusing the music with a calming tone. It’s just what you need for yoga in your living room.

5. Tunigo Rainy Day will push you along through a difficult endurance training workout because the music is emotionally powerful. The calming tunes are gently inspiring and some of the lyrics are powerful enough to kick your butt into gear. Just long enough for a complete workout, you’ll be sore but thankful at the end!

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