Top 6 Total Body Transformation Exercises

The most effective moves you can do to target your entire body.

Not all exercises are equal. Moves vary in level of difficulty, effectiveness, and number of targeted muscles. As a general rule, the most transformative total body exercises are those that use multiple joints.

Single-joint exercises, such as bicep curls and leg extensions, are great for targeting isolated muscles, but can fail to develop secondary muscle groups needed for proper balance, form, and stability.

Multi-joint exercises such as squats and lunges are effective for total body workouts. These moves create all-over tone while improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Multi-joint exercises are better for weight loss because, by engaging multiple muscle groups, they burn more calories.

Below are 6 total body exercises that will help you achieve your best body ever! Follow the workout provided or integrate them into your own routine.

Equipment Needed: Bench or chair, set of dumbbells (begin with light dumbbells from 5-10 lb. and work your way up the rack as you become stronger)

What to Do: Perform 12 reps of each move with 30 seconds of rest in between.

Beginner: 2 sets
Intermediate: 3 sets
Advanced: 4 sets

Move up a level when your current level is no longer a challenge.

1. Squats
2. Walking Lunges
3. Deadlifts
4. Shoulder Press
5. Push-Ups
6. Bench Dips


Walking Lunges:


Shoulder Press:


Bench Dips:

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