Types Of Yoga

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Yoga is a “world unto itself”. It has it’s own language, and for many, that just confuses the issue.

If the thought of doing a downward dog makes you want to sniff a fire hydrant, then there is clearly some confusion. So here we’ll be covering the different types of yoga to help you better decide what may fit your personality best.

Watch the videos that compliment each description to get more in-depth understanding of each yoga practice.

Ananda– This one is all about proper positioning and meditation.

Anusara – A gentle yoga that is perfect for beginners. It’s not as strict as the more traditional versions.

Ashtanga – A quicker paced yoga that has cardio and weight loss benefits. Definitely physically demanding.

Bikram – This yoga is done in a room kept at around 100+ degrees. Bring a towel!

Hatha – One of the most basic forms of yoga, Hatha is great for calming the mind, this type of yoga covers poses from almost all other types.

Integral Yoga – If chanting is your thing, give this class a whirl. Poses are more traditional.

Iyengar – Also great for beginners, this type of yoga uses tons of props to help you get in to position.

Jivamukti – This practice involves an all-encompassing lifestyle including meditation and vegetarianism.

Kali Ray TriYoga – For the dancer in you, these poses will keep you swaying.

Kripalu – Great for beginners, this class is all about teaching you what your body can do.

Kundalini – This one will have you focusing on your chakras and tapping in to your inner energy source.

Power – With a more varied series of poses than Ashtanga, this one will definitely burn some fat!

Prenatal – As the name suggests, this yoga is directed at moms-to-be with baby-safe poses.

Restorative – For those with tons of stress, this is the class for you.

Sivananda – This is great for those who want yoga to become their “lifestyle”, including being vegetarian.

Svaroopa – Great for beginners, you’ll most likely start out with far more comfortable poses.

Viniyoga – Highly adaptable, this practice is all about conforming to your body’s special needs.

Vinyasa – This one will focus on breathing while it challenges your body.

Yin – This is all about the stretch. It will lengthen your muscles as you relax in to each pose.

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