Watch Your Pet While Away From Home

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The latest in a slew of high-tech pet gadgets allows you to watch and play with your fur-children from anywhere. The Petcube is a wide-angle camera you can control via a free app on your smartphone, so you can see what your pets are up to from work, vacation, or wherever you might be.

Sure, there are other remotely-controlled pet cameras out there, but this one comes with one added feature we love—a laser pointer. You can send your cat or dog scampering around the room to get some exercise while you’re out (okay, and maybe entertain yourself as well). Plus, you won’t have that nagging feeling that your animals are just moping around bored until you come home.

For those of us who make a habit of filling our social media feeds with pictures of our little furballs, Petcube also functions as a social network. It allows users to give friends and family access to check in on their pets as well, either temporarily or permanently, which could be useful when traveling out of town or using a pet sitter. You can also use the network to share funny animal photos and videos, which of course, we can’t get enough of.

Petcube is the newest addition to a crop of impressive pet products designed to tell you more about just what your animal is up to. Earlier we told you about the Fitbark, which can track your dog’s vital signs and give you insights into his behavior. Then there’s the Eyenimal, which is a small camera that allows you see the world through the eyes of your pet. It’s pretty amazing what technology can do, and leaves us wondering, what will they think of next?

Petcube just raised an impressive $1.1 million for future development of apps and hardware, and we can’t wait to see what cool products this pet-centric startup will roll out in the future.

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