What To Do With Overly Ripe Bananas

These recipes prove you can love even the ugliest bananas!

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5. Experiment with Cakes and Pies

Many cake and pie recipes call for bananas, especially the really ripe ones. They may take a little more time than some of the recipes on this list, but they’re well worth the effort in the end!

Banana Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches is one of my favorites, so I think the addition of bananas is brilliant! This particular recipe uses a cake mix, so bonus points to Cooking Classy for ease of preparation!

Easy Banana Cream Pie

Our list of what to do with overly ripe bananas just had to include a banana cream pie. This particular Easy Banana Cream Pie is just that: Easy! If you can use a mixer, you can make this pie from Six Sisters Stuff. It layers sliced bananas with pudding in a graham cracker crust for delicious results.

Coconut Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Banana, coconut, and chocolate just go together. This cake recipe calls for roasting the bananas, which really concentrates that banana flavor. Half Baked Harvest uses a chocolate cream cheese frosting that compliments the banana quite well, too.

Banana Cream Cheesecake

Creamy cheesecake meets banana cream pie in this Banana Cream Cheesecake recipe. If you’re a fan of both, you will love this cheesecake from Six Sisters Stuff!

Rustic Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Cake

This cake has intense banana flavors since it utilized the ripest, spottiest, almost completely black bananas you have. Oh She Glows finishes it with a peanut butter glaze that’s totally optional, but peanut butter and bananas do go well together!

Banana Cream Pie with Salted Whiskey Caramel Sauce

This pie is a very decadent way to use a ripe banana, but on a special occasion it would be a hit! The pie itself is good, but the whiskey caramel sauce takes it over the top, The folks at What’s Gaby Cooking sure know how to elevate the humble, spotted banana!

It’s not just about pies and cakes: We have more sweet treat recipes for you!

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