Healthy School Lunch Recipes & Ideas

Sweet Potato Chips

While school lunches are the more convenient option, they are definitely not the healthiest choice. School lunches can cost up to $5 in some states and they usually consist of a slice of pizza, some limp, tasteless vegetables, and a container of juice or milk. That isn’t a substantial lunch. Here are Healthy School Lunches You Can Pack For Your Kids (Pssst! They Aren’t Sandwiches!).

Junk food snacks are easy for kids to find but are usually filled with sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. These foods are not only unhealthy, they’re also draining of energy and brainpower. Give your kids what they need to get through the day, with these great ideas from SkinnyMs., Mother Approved School Snacks. If your kids love potato chips, opt for this unprocessed version of homemade Sweet Potato Chips.  For quick snack ideas, take a look at 15 Grab and Go Snacks 

If you are searching for gluten-free meals the kids will love, search no more! We have great ideas for gluten free desserts, snacks, lunches, and dinner your kids will actually eat! Read Gluten Free Foods Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

For dessert, our Quinoa Protein Bars and Chocolate Pudding are always a hit! Also, these ‘Watching What I Eat: Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies‘ are very popular!


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