What’s the Best Diet for You? The One You’ll Turn into a Lifestyle

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By Rebecca Palermo, Writer/Editor

Once you’ve made up your mind to start a healthy eating plan and get in shape for good, getting started can be a real challenge. Should you cut carbs? Embrace fat? Join Weight Watchers and count points? Go Paleo? It doesn’t help that every time you turn on the news in the evening, there’s a new “must-try” diet or a blanket warning about an entire category of foods.

L.A. Times science writer Amina Khan suggests that the best diet is the one you’ll actually stick with. According to her recent article, most popular diets are actually quite effective. The trouble is that many people have trouble sticking to them, and when your diet is a bad match for your lifestyle, you’re bound for failure.

This is why, at SkinnyMs., we recommend a diet high in clean, high-quality foods, and low in processed junk, but we maintain that, if you love something, there is a way to work it into your diet. Nothing needs to be off limits entirely. Does a low-carb diet make you feel lousy? Enjoy whole grain carbohydrates that contribute to weight loss. Do you love sweets? We’ve got tons of recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without loading you with refined sugar. Don’t deprive yourself, and make sure your diet is a good match for your lifestyle, occasional cravings, and overall taste, and you may enjoy not only an effective diet, but an entire lifestyle change.

Source: L.A. Times

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