Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

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Where does fat go when you lose weight? It’s a question that has left many of us scratching our heads. Most people are under the impression that it leaves the body through sweat. There’s actually a funny saying: “Sweat is just your fat crying.” While you do sweat out some of your burned excess fat, the majority of it leaves the body through exhalation.

Where Does Fat Go When you Lose Weight?

I know, weird right? Back in 2014, a study published in the British Medical Journal proved this to be true. In this study, researchers examined what happened to the individual atoms in 22 pounds of fat as they were being “burned.” A whopping 18.5 of those 22 pounds were converted into fat metabolic byproducts and exhaled as carbon dioxide. The remaining 3.5 pounds were excreted through any and all forms of bodily fluids (sweat, urine, etc.)

Smaller, but Still There

To clear up any further confusion, you must understand that you’re exhaling fat metabolic byproducts not the fat cells themselves. You see, when you lose weight, your cells lose volume and shrink but they don’t disappear. Once your body gains a fat cell, that cell never goes away. This is also the reason that you may find yourself feeling hungrier than normal. Your body recognizes that it has these fat cells, so it tries to get you to restore them by telling you that you’re still hungry.

This is another reason why slow and steady weight loss is the best plan of action. If you lose weight too quickly, your body will think that you’re starving and slow your metabolism down. This, of course, will make further weight loss extremely difficult. On the other hand, slow weight loss gives the body a chance to adapt to the new normal, keeping your metabolism functioning optimally so that you can continue to lose weight!

Shed Excess Fat with Proper Diet and Exercise

Your healthy-living plan shouldn’t have an end date. In order to keep the weight off, you must maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine from here on out. Luckily at SkinnyMs, we have countless clean-recipes, workout routines, and healthy-living plans to help guide you:

Remember, going back to your old habits can re-inflate those vacant fat cells. Don’t let that happen to you! Eat healthy, exercise often, and the excess fat will stay away. The results that consistency and effort can produce are nothing short of incredible. Go on and see for yourself!

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4 Comments on "Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?"

  1. Sam  March 24, 2019

    I always wondered where my fat went away while I was dieting and going to the gym.

    • Erin Milller  March 25, 2019

      Now you know! 😉

  2. Sara  November 4, 2019

    So simple yet something I never thought while dieting. “exhaled as carbon dioxide” never thought that!!

    • Erin Milller  November 4, 2019

      Pretty neat, huh?! 😀


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