Where to Find the Best Healthy Eating Discounts

Everyone loves to save money and let’s face it, healthier foods are often more expensive. If you love a good bargain as much as you love a healthy diet, be sure to check out these great tools for finding discounts on the best health foods.

Gluten Free and Specialty Health Foods

Anyone who has faced the challenge of eating gluten free knows how hard it can be to find options in the grocery store. Very few stores offer a decent selection, and the few products that are available are often over-priced. Most people don’t consider sources like Amazon and other online retailers for food products, but you should! Not only is the selection better, so are the prices. Amazon prime members can really get a great deal since many of the gluten free product selections are available for free prime shipping. When you consider what you save in time and gas money, online shopping is often a better bargain.

Check out our Skinny Ms. picks for healthy foods on Amazon. You’ll find a ton of great choices, including gluten free products.

Find Great Local Deals on Healthy Foods

Want to know what healthy choices are on sale this week in your local area? Check out our Skinny Ms. grocery deals on Ziplist and use the sales items to help you plan your weekly menu! Weekly planning is a great way to ensure you are eating healthy and staying on target. It also helps you stick to a budget by knowing exactly what you have and what you need. Stick to your list and avoid costly impulse buys.

Need help being more organized? Note – Grocery, Shopping List is a fun, affordable iPhone app that will help you stick to your list and make sure you get everything on it. As you shop, simply shake your iPhone and the items you haven’t purchased yet will move to the top. How fun is that? You’ll save money by ensuring you get everything you need in one trip. This app also lets you have multiple lists so you can customize by store or trip.

Another great way to save money and eat healthy is fresh, local in-season produce. Whenever possible, eat locally grown fruits and vegetables that are in peak season. It means better flavor, better nutrition, and better deals.

Looking for more ways to eat well and save money? Be sure to check out our 10 tips for eating healthy on a budget!

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