Where’s the Gluten?

Get to know gluten.

I had no clue what gluten was until a friend of mine was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and had to go on a gluten-free diet. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by ingesting gluten. The classic symptoms of Celiac Disease are gastrointestinal problems, but it can also include symptoms like dental enamel defects, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches, bone or joint pain and infertility.

What exactly is gluten? Gluten is defined as “The mixture of proteins, including gliadins and glutelins, found in wheat grains, which are not soluble in water and which give wheat dough its elastic texture”. Huh? So, in basic terms, it’s anything with a form of wheat in it.

There are lots of foods that contain gluten. Try these gluten free slow cooker recipes.

The following video talks about some common foods that contain gluten and a few foods that may surprise you:

Common foods that contain gluten include breads, cereal, pasta, baked goods and crackers, but there are some foods that contain gluten that may surprise you:

  • Salad dressings and canned soups – Gluten is often used as a base for thickening
  • Substitute meat products – Veggie sausages, hot dogs, seafood and burgers are often made with gluten.

If you suspect that you or a member of your family may have a gluten sensitivity, you should check with your doctor about getting tested.

Has gluten sensitivity affected you or your family’s life? What ways have you found to cope with gluten sensitivity?


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  1. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac about a year ago now. It was an odd mix though because not only did I have digestive issues but also when it got EXTREMELY bad, I broke out in hives from head to toe. I had/have to do cleanses to get all of the toxins out of my body because of that gluten and was rushed to the ER because it closed up my throat 4 times. It overtook my body and now not only do I have Celiac, I am sensitive to peanuts, soy, milk and shellfish.

    GET TESTED EARLY… I wish I would have and not put it off until I passed a gall stone. At 23, I am healthier but now I have an autoimmune disease that will not go away.

    THERE ARE PLENTY OF WAYS TO DEAL WITH HAVING CELIAC. There are so many resources and the awareness of it is growing day by day!!! JUST READ EVERYTHING!!! Udi is a great brand and if you follow them on Pinterest, they have a lot of new recipes to try!

    good luck!!

  2. We have an ADHD child. And even medicated, he was symptomatic. It wasn't until I ran across an article on ADD and ADHD sometimes being agitated by food allergies, that we had even thought about exploring it. We had him tested for allergies, but none came up. I stripped his diet of all processed food, breads, sugars, dairy. Within 2 days, he was a completely different kid. Then I started adding in things to hone in on the cause. The day we included cereal and bread, symptoms showed up. For him it's gluten and whey, which is a protein similar to wheat that he has an intolerance to. Wish we had found this years ago, but I am so grateful of all the products now available.

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