Why Your Healthy Lifestyle May Be Going High Tech!

Your smartphone is your new guide to better health!

By Rebecca Palermo
Writer/Editor, Skinnyms.com

I’m willing to bet two things. You struggle with the motivation to get fit from time to time, and there is a smartphone in your bag or your pocket right now. According to a recent article in Forbes, Apple is looking to capitalize on both of those factors, and revolutionize our approach to health and fitness in the process!

With the pending release of Apple’s new iPhone 6, and its new operating system, iOS8, will come a number of features designed to help you to track your fitness goals, your eating habits, and your heart rate. The OS will host a brand new app called Health, which will display a dashboard of your health and fitness activities. Apple will also be partnering with Nike and its Fuelband to make tracking your moves even easier.

Undoubtedly, these types of premium health and fitness apps will be working their way into the marketplace, ensuring that whatever type of device you use, you’ll be covered. And at Skinny Ms., we believe in the power of setting goals, tracking your progress, and feeling empowered. Pair these apps with our Total Body Transformation ebook, and mark your progress as you work through our program. Checking in, even just with your smartphone, is a great motivator!

Source: Forbes

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