6 Workout Hacks for When You’re Crunched for Time

Busy week? Check out these 6 hacks for when you're crunched for time.

It happens to the best of us. When we get busy, the gym becomes less of a priority. Work, school, family, or social engagements demand our time. Before we know it, it’s been weeks since we last went to the gym.

Making time to exercise during moments of high stress can be incredibly beneficial. This doesn’t mean that skipping the gym from time to time isn’t okay. It just means that making fitness a priority during busy weeks can help you feel less stressed, more alert, and less anxious.

If you’re crunched for time and struggling to make the gym a priority, check out these 6 workout hacks for when you have no time.

1. Leave your gym clothes out.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time6

You’re more likely to make it to the gym in the morning if all you have to do is dress and head out. Anything you can do to make your morning routine easier will help you get to the gym. This includes laying out your clothes the night before, packing your back, and leaving your keys where they’re easy to find.

If you don’t like going to the gym on an empty stomach, try making some overnight refrigerator oats. You can make iced coffee by brewing it the night before and storing it in the fridge.

2. Have a plan.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time5

You’d be surprised by how much time you waste when you go to the gym without a plan. You might stand around while you decide what to do next. This can make your workout take longer than it should.

Have a plan ready when you go to the gym. Write down what exercises you will do and how many sets and repetitions. You can also try following one of our eBooks or printing one of our workouts.

3. Catch up on reading or a television series while working out.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time4

If you’re crunched for time, you might as well get two things done at once. If you’ve been meaning to finish a book or catch up on one of your favorite television series, try doing so from the treadmill or exercise bike. You’ll get your workout in and come to see exercise as a personal relaxation time.

4. Have a list of at-home workouts.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time3

Many at-home workouts are between 20 and 30 minutes. You’ll be able to find workouts for everyone from beginner to advanced. Additionally, you won’t waste time driving or walking to the gym. Browse through out workout database to find no-equipment plans you can do at home.

5. Do HIIT workouts.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time2

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, such as Tabata workouts, maximize the calories you burn in a short period of time. Check out our free online HIIT and tabata plans for workouts you can do almost anywhere.

6. Sneak in exercise while running errands.6 Workout Hacks for When You're Crunched for Time1

Take the stairs. Walk everywhere. Pace when talking on the phone. Squat while waiting for your food to microwave. You can sneak it short workouts throughout your day. Doing a little bit here and there can add up to big, noticeable results.

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