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7 Day Push-Up Challenge

by Skinny Ms.


An alternative title for Push-ups, The Absolute Best Exercise in Existence!

For the next 7 days challenge yourself to complete 100 push-ups each day. The push-ups can be divided up over the period of a day. Push-ups are perfect for toning and tightening the entire upper body…here’s how:

1)  Flex tricep muscles as you return to the starting postion
2)  Keep abs & glutes tight throughout the movement
3)  Squeeze shoulder blades together as you return to the starting position

We’ve included push-up variations so everyone can complete the challenge, regardless of fitness level.

We’ve bundled our most popular ebooks to make them affordable for everyone. Now you too can Transform your body with these easy to follow programs designed for all fitness levels.

Review the videos below to find your favorite push-ups…be sure to challenge yourself!

Beginning Level Push-up

Intermediate Level Push-up

Standard Push-up

Spartan Push-up

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Exercise and health are matters that vary from person to person. Participants of the challenge should speak with their doctor about individual needs before starting any exercise program.  See your physician before beginning any exercise program. This is especially important if your family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cigarette smoking, or other health conditions. If you have any doubts whatsoever, consult your physician.

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