Create Your Own Destiny, Here’s How

Create Your Own Destiny, Here's How
Create your own destiny and start with your own idea of your perfect life, including all of the things you want right now. If that includes a better fitness routine, weight loss, better health, career adjustments or just creating your best all around self, here’s some good news!
Even if your to-do list on yourself is long, small changes can make a big difference. With just a little know-how and a lot of inspiration you can make yourself better one step at a time. You don’t need to shoot for perfection, but rather strive for mini make-overs in all of the aspects of your life that you want to change. Here’s how to get started:

Take it in Stride – The truth about creating your own destiny is that you are, and have always been, in control of your own life. If you are ready to create a better life for yourself, the first thing you’ll need to do is grab the reins and start making decisions, and commitments that get you closer to where you want to be. Transform you life one day at a time, one week at a time, one step at a time and in time, you’ll be able to look back at each step from the new place you are, that you have always wanted.

It Comes from Within – There is not a single person that can burn your calories for you. You have to get to the gym, create a support system and take every step on that treadmill yourself. You have to lift the weights and make healthy choices on your own behalf. Think of yourself as a small child that you have the responsibility to nurture, and protect. Be as gentle, forgiving and patient with yourself as you would a small child. This can help overcome set-backs and nay-sayers.

Understand the Law of Attraction – The law of attraction is based on a cosmic law: like attracts like. By thinking positive thoughts and keeping your goals in mind you can actually manifest these things in your life. For example, if a person opens an envelope expecting to see a bill, according to the law of attraction, the envelope would confirm those thoughts and would in fact contain a bill. Another person, using their own thoughts to utilize the law of attraction may decide to see a check, and under that same law find a check instead of a bill.

Watch this short video for an example from Oprah Winfrey on the Law of Attraction:

It is important to know what you want to achieve, so that you can keep these goals active in your life and bring what you want out of life, into your life through your own thoughts and actions. You can create your own destiny, and change your own reality based on your thoughts, feelings and goals. Give it a try! Start with something small like smiling at ten strangers for one day and see if there is not more light, and love in your life. If you can achieve one small goal, you can achieve many.

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