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Beginner’s 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout

by Skinny Ms.

Beginner's 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout

Have you heard of Tabata Interval Training?  It’s a type of interval training that burns excess body fat. 4 Minute Fat Blasters are an excellent first step toward weight loss.  We know that starting slow and taking small steps are what will help us stick with a program.  This program has routines designed specifically for anyone who wants to get into shape, lose fat, get healthier and feel fabulous!

Equipment Needed: water; a chair for sitting; one set of light dumbbells (3-10 pounds); a device to time intervals (try the GymBoss Interval Timer)

What To Do For This Workout: This fat blaster is designed for anyone of any size or age. Complete the following circuit 2 times. Give this workout 100% effort by moving as quickly as possible while maintaining correct form. Perform Beginner’s 4 Minute Fat Blaster 3-4 times weekly for optimal results. Review the videos below for correct form and instructions on how to perform the exercises.

Walk in place with High Knees – 20 seconds  (raise your knees as high as possible)
Rest – 10 seconds
Beginner Push Ups – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
Dumbbell Punches – 20 seconds
Rest – 10 seconds
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 20 seconds (you can choose to sit or stand for this exercise)
Rest – 10 seconds

Walk in Place with High Knees

Beginner Push Ups

Dumbbell Punches

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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