Beginner’s 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout

Beginner's 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout

Have you heard of Tabata Interval Training?  It’s a type of interval training that burns excess body fat. Four Minute Fat Blasters are an excellent first step toward weight loss.  We know that starting slow and taking small steps are what will help us stick with a program.  This program has routines designed specifically for anyone who wants to get into shape, lose fat, get healthier and feel fabulous!

Equipment Needed: a chair for sitting; one set of light dumbbells (3-5 pounds); interval timer

What to Do: Review the videos below for correct form and instructions on how to perform the exercises. This fat blaster is designed for anyone of any size or age. Complete the following circuit 2 times. Give this workout 100% effort by moving as quickly as possible while maintaining correct form. Perform this 3-4 times weekly for optimal results.


1. High Knees – raise your knees as high as possible
2. Beginner Push Ups
3. Dumbbell Punches
4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – you can choose to sit or stand for this exercise

High Knees

Beginner Push Ups

Dumbbell Punches

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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3 Comments on "Beginner’s 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout"

  1. Skinny Ms.  August 10, 2013

    Margaret, Yes, definitely! There are many exercises that can be done while in a chair. Use a set of dumbbells and begin by doing shoulder presses (like in the video of this post), bicep curls, and tricep extensions. Also, I found these pretty cool videos on youtube if you’d like to check them out.

  2. lizaq  July 29, 2014

    Wow. That was intense. I am definitely a beginner! And my arthritis is bad enough that I don't want to jump and this was great – low-impact but I really felt it! I used 8-lb weights.

  3. C. Williams  January 2, 2016

    Thank you. Our Prayer group was talking about getting back to exercise basics. I found this today, truly a blessing to get started moving!


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