10 Ways to Squeeze More Steps into Your Day

Rock your 10,000 step goal!

A few steps here. A few more there. All those steps add up to help you live a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Learn 10 ways to squeeze more steps into your day.

For most people, 10,000 steps is a baseline goal for good health. But if you’re living a busy life (like most of us!), it can be hard to figure out how to get those steps in without making significant lifestyle changes. However, with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine it can be done!

The best way to incorporate these step ideas into your life is to pick one or two tips to work on initially. When you get the hang of those, add one or two additional tips into your routine. In two shakes and a shimmy, you’ll be racking up those steps and walking your way to a more active lifestyle.

Get a handle on your step habits with a pedometer or fitness tracker. Not sure which device is best for you? Learn How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker.

1. Walk while you wait for the kids or parents.

From dance classes to doctor appointments, chances are good you spend at least some time waiting for someone else. Use the time to your advantage and take a turn around the building or block. If you’ve got extra time to burn after your walk, start planning your next healthy meal with Skinny Ms. Meal Planning.

2. Break down big loads into smaller ones.

Time to haul laundry up the stairs? Unload groceries from the car? Rather than loading your arms with as much as you can possibly carry, break the trip down into several loads. Forcing yourself to make several extra trips is one of the easy ways to squeeze more steps into your day.

3. Take the stairs.

Ditch the elevator or escalator and hoof it up and down the stairs every chance you get.

4. Pace while you’re on the phone.

Boost your steps by getting out of that chair and pacing as you chat on the phone. You’ll burn extra calories and get your muscles moving. If you’re still time-strapped for physical activity, check out 6 Workout Hacks for When You’re Crunched for Time.

5. Take an extra lap.

Whether you’re walking the perimeter of the grocery store or taking the pooch for a stroll around the block, you can work your way to 10,000 steps by doing one extra lap.

6. Park at the far end of the lot.

Whether you’re headed into work or the grocery store, parking far from the entrance will add more steps to your day. However, never park anywhere that’s not well-lit or that doesn’t make you feel safe.

7. Have a walking meeting.

This is a fantastic way to get work done while injecting more activity into your routine. The walking meeting works best when you need to talk with just one or two people.

8. Walk to coworkers’ desks.

Instead of sending an email or message to an in-office colleague, get up and walk to their desk. When you get back to your workspace, try 11 Stretches Every Desk Worker Must Know.

9. Set an alarm.

Another of the easy ways to squeeze more steps into your day is to set a timer on your phone or computer to go off once an hour. When the alarm goes ding, take a quick walk down the hall or around the building.

10. Take an after-dinner stroll.

Combine step time with family time by putting a post-dinner walk on your to-do list. Learn more about making walking work for you in 8 Ways to Walk Your Way to a Fit Body.


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