10 Ways to Resist Eating Junk Food

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Junk food addiction is a hard habit to kick. A healthy lifestyle is even harder to start. We all know that there’s a big difference between healthy food and junk food. So why is it so compelling to eat the latter?


While it may be easier to cheat on your diet and nibble on something delicious, you’ll feel and look better after a healthy snack. Abstain from sugary morning breakfasts, mid-afternoon bites, and unhealthy late night snacks with these 10 Ways to Resist Eating Junk Food.

1. Stay Full
Eating smaller meals more frequently allows you to feel full for longer periods of time. By staying full, you are more likely to resist your favorite junk food obsession and keep your diet on track.

2. Have Healthy Snacks on Hand
By making junk food inaccessible at home, you make it easier to eat healthy. Instead of shopping for food when you’re hungry, eat a meal before going to the store to keep from impulsively buying junk food.

3. Throw Away the Junk Food You Have Stocked
Once you buy healthy snacks to replace junk food, remember to go through your pantry and all the hidden spaces you might have stashed your goodies and throw away the temptation. If you leave junk food around the house, you’re more likely to fall back into the trap.

4. Sleep Away Your Cravings
When you feel drained during the day, try taking a nap instead of going for your favorite junk food snack. A common misconception is that eating will boost your metabolism and give you more energy. A 15-minute power nap will do the trick without the extra calories.

5. Keep Food Out of Sight
Touching upon the common phrase out of sight, out of mind is the key. If you’re constantly looking at junk food, you’re more likely to convince yourself that you’re hungry and indulge. Keep your snacks hidden in the pantry, the refrigerator, or behind cabinet doors to resist the urge.

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