How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a challenge. Whether you’re swamped with kids, caring for aging parents, or juggling life with a busy career, you need every tool available to succeed. There’s more at your disposal than just trimming fat from your favorite comfort food. A critical tool is a kitchen organized for weight loss. How will setting aside time for a kitchen makeover help you shed pounds? An organized kitchen allows easy access to the foods and tools that allow you to cook healthy, low-calorie meals.

Organizing your kitchen is not just part of your weight loss tool kit. It’s also a time-saver. When you’re busy, it’s difficult to commit to making and serving healthy meals. By taking time to re-envision your kitchen and pantry, you’ll eliminate hassle and stress from your healthy lifestyle. No more playing hide ‘n’ seek with the slow cooker you received for your wedding six years ago. Organizing your kitchen is an easy way to keep your head straight and focus on clean, healthy cooking.

Organizing Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

1. Ditch the junk.
The first step is sometimes the hardest, but if you want to make positive changes, this is a must-do. Eliminate the worst offenders, like highly-processed boxed dinners, sugared cereals, and sodas. If they’re not in the kitchen, you can’t reach for them when hunger strikes. If you hang on to less healthy foods, store them on higher shelves or in the back of the fridge. Get the scoop on foods you should boot with 7 Surprisingly Not So Healthy “Health Foods”.

2. Stock up on healthy foods.
When you’re organizing your kitchen for weight loss, put nutrient-rich food front and center. Place foods like fruits and veggies where you can grab them as soon as you open the fridge door. Healthy foods that don’t need refrigeration, such as homemade trail mix snacks, should be near the front of the pantry or on your counter tops in clear containers. Stock up during your next grocery run with some of the 50 Superfoods for the Ultimate Shopping List. Keep fresh fruit in bowls on counter tops.

3. Invest in clear containers.
Don’t make food prep difficult by hiding ingredients in opaque containers. Load the fridge, pantry, and line counter tops with transparent canisters that allow you to see what’s inside. Remember, cooking for weight loss shouldn’t turn into a scavenger hunt!

4. Make your own snack packs.
This is one of our favorite kitchen tricks for weight loss because it makes healthy eating easy and frugal! Buy sugarless dried fruits and unsalted nuts in bulk to create snack packs perfectly portioned for weight loss. For example, 12-14 almonds make a 100-calorie snack that’s healthy and satisfying. Check out 20 Healthy Snack Box Ideas for the Pantry.

5. Get a grip on utensils, pots, pans, & appliances.
If your slow cooker or blender has been consigned to a dusty shelf in the garage, now is the time to give it the space it deserves. Put the tools you’ll use the most for healthy cooking in easy-to-reach locations. Make sure that you don’t need a step stool or extra set of hands to access your most valuable items.

6. Create a planning/shopping station.
A lack of menu planning has sunk many a weight loss plan. Create a space in the kitchen to post grocery lists and menu plans for the week. It doesn’t need to take up much space. For instance, clear a spot on the fridge where you can post the week’s menu and a shopping list. You can update them as needed. The more you plan, the less likely you’ll be to hit the drive-thru. Check out Foods to Avoid and Foods to Include in Meal Planning.

Now that you have those kitchen tools straightened out, try Top 20 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes on Skinny Ms.

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