21 Tips to Make Weight Loss Easier

These tips will help you lose the weight you want.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be torturous. Even though there is no magic weight loss pill or a single diet plan that works for everyone, there are ways to make your weight loss easy. Negative thought processes, lack of support among other things can get in the way of your easy weight loss. So, here are 21 tips to make it easier. A good attitude can go along way and when you think that you want to give up or complain, just remember that so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

21 Tips for Easy Weight Loss

  1. Eat for Weight Loss. Eat foods that boost metabolism, and reduce fat storage. You might not like the taste of green tea, or avocados but to slim down, they are your best friends.
  2. Stop Listening to Nay-Sayers. Anybody that makes you feel like you are not capable, or worth your own success needs to get the boot. Period.
  3. Walk Around. A 30-minute walk burns between 100-300 calories and it helps reduce stress. No weights, no loud music, no trainers. Just you and your body burning calories.
  4. Do What Makes You Happy. Happiness can mean less emotional eating, less boredom and a better sense of what wellness means for you. Your good mood is as important to weight loss as your gym membership.
  5. Stretch. Imagine spending 30 minutes relaxing and burning 100 calories. One 30-minute stretching session can do just that. Just stretching your arms for 2 minutes can burn 15 calories. Got a minute?
  6. Get Naked. A negative body image can cause emotional eating, stress-related eating and weight gain. So, get naked and stand in front of the mirror. Resist any urge to insult yourself and instead tell the person looking back at you that they deserve nothing but the best.
  7. Stop Weighing Yourself. Obsessing over a number only leads to a greater focus on faults. Stay focused on your progress and just check in with the scale weekly.
  8. Whisper Sweet Nothings. Kind words of love and encouragement go a long way. Remind yourself whenever possible that you are awesome!
  9. Find your Zen. Relaxation and clarity of mind are essential to easy weight loss. What makes it so difficult is the pace of American lifestyles, and the distractions that can wear you down. Try a Beginners Yoga session.
  10. Support Someone Else. “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T Washington. Your own weight loss will get easier if you offer your knowledge and support to others.
  11. Eat for Nutrients Only. Stop eating anything that does not provide your body nutrients. It can help you see food for what it is and make it easier to stop using food for emotional reasons.
  12. Know What’s in Your Food. People become addicted to soda because of the toxins contained in it. If people knew that soda has a chemical makeup more toxic to the human body as alcohol, do you think they would drink them? Many foods contain toxins, hormones and chemicals. Eat natural, whole foods.
  13. Cheat or Treat. If you really want a 300-calorie candy bar on Tuesday then eat it and get back on track Tuesday night. Being honest with yourself will save you calories in the long run while denying yourself of what you really want only makes dieting harder. Ultimately, you will turn down the candy bar over time.
  14. Find a Mentor. Let someone lead you. Weight loss under the wing of someone who has had success can help you be realistic about what is possible.
  15. Get Busy. Idle hands are the dieters playthings, so keep those hands busy and away from tempting foods by staying active. Try reading about health-related issues, taking a walk, or even just making a phone call to a friend. Do anything you want to keep your mind, and your mouth from wandering.
  16. Love What’s Good For You. Sometimes we love the things that are bad for us, and end up not loving ourselves. If you truly want weight loss to be easy, you have to change your mindset and start loving the things that you know are good for you.
  17. Make Substitutions. It’s possible to make most any meal healthy. If you go out, or want to cook a dish that is usually high in fat, it’s easy to find ways to substitute ingredients and keep your favorites on the menu.
  18. Find a Fun Workout. Working out can be… lame! So keeping up with your calorie burn means you have to find some joy while burning calories. Don’t just white knuckle your way through workouts you hate. Find what you like to do so you can make a permanent change!
  19. Dance, Dance, Dance. There’s nothing that can change your mood, or emotional state like a good jam session. If you find yourself wandering into the kitchen looking for tempting foods, try cranking up the radio and singing along. Pump your fist, bang your head or jump around for calorie burn and a better mood.

  1. Drink Up! Staying hydrated improves cellular function, and can improve weight loss efforts. Not only that, but sipping from a water bottle can also keep you from reaching for food in social situations to reduce your calorie intake easily.
  2. Share. Go in on a gym membership with someone, share a meal, a grocery trip, or go on a walk with someone. By sharing your weight loss experience, you let others in on your lifestyle change and make yourself more accountable. Plus you can save money, time and even gain a friend.

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    Thanks for the post!

  2. These tips are really amazing and are must follow for all of the health enthusiasts. Keep up the good work!

    I do apologize for my comment,
    I didn’t read neither looked the entire information, and the negative part came out of me right away,
    When you start reading health advices here at the end all are the same just to request $$$ to give a complete information,
    Thank you for the wonderful recipes you posted here, please forgive my comments,, you guys are awesome,
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    1. No problem. All the recipes, workouts, and informational posts are 100% free of charge. The only charge is for our ebooks. Thanks.

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