Running in the Digital Age: Go for a Morning “Yog”

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Are you the kind of runner that loves to jog with a group of other people, but don’t know anybody in your area the shares your interest in running? It can be frustrating to have to embark on a run completely by yourself when you know you thrive on the company and competition of jogging or running with others. Whether you are just getting started, or have a lifelong passion for long distance running, knowing that you have somebody participating with you, and keeping you accountable, not only makes the pursuit of running more enjoyable, but can also push you to achieve greater successes.

What happens, however, when you want to run in a group but don’t know anyone on the same schedule? Can you imagine the opportunity to pick up your phone and nearly instantly connect with a group of runners eager to participate in a casual jog or an active long distance run? A new app makes it possible for you to be a part of an active running club and even if the other members are literally across the world. Yog is an app that allows you to create and join in scheduled runs with other people around the country and world. Decide the specifics of the run and invite others to come along with you, or join in someone else’s run. Your device will display images that help you keep track of where you are in relation to the other runners, and give you the sense that you are truly running with friends.

This is not a computer simulation that creates fake characters for you to run with. Yog is about connecting you with real runners in real time. As you complete runs, you will collect medals and build your statistics that demonstrate your ongoing successes, and keep you motivated to keep running. This app is a fabulous way for you to get involved in the running culture and enjoy the benefits of workout buddies that you can always rely on. This means no more showing up at your best friend’s house for your first Saturday run only to find that she has forgotten and is still in her favorite fuzzy pink bathrobe ready for a marathon of bad reality television so you have to head out on the trail by yourself. Instead of being disappointed and discouraged by running alone, use this app to find fellow runners as enthusiastic as you. Become a part of the community where you can compete against yourself and others in constantly work towards higher goals of running achievement. Don’t worry if you have a day during which you are really interested in anyone seeing how you are doing, or simply want some quiet time to run on your own. Yog can still offer you real-time tracking of your progress so these practice runs can continue to motivate you.

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  1. Product testing  February 12, 2014

    What an interesting news for such an app, never heard of it before but will give it a try


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